Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have just come across a great site, entitled Barack Hussei Nobama is 666. Note the clever shuffling of Obama's name. In my experience, this sort of thing is an almost sure sign that we are in for a treat.

Here are some of the issues considered in depth at this veritable library of useful information:

"Democrat party

I am a member of the Democratic political party am I dammed along with Nobama?"

Dammed. Hm, I'm not sure I get it. By the way, I think the answer is yes.

"Global warming Myth

I was suckered in about global warming. What should I do now?"

The answer seems to be equipping yourself with a stock of preposterous lies. Well, that's pretty much their answer for everything, so nothing new here.

"Bush Haters

On a rare occasion I meet someone who is derogatory about the president. Should I just ignore them?"

Rare occasion? What, don't you ever come out of your basement? This is so crazy, considering that this whole site consists of loathesome attacks on Barack; however, I thought you'd like to see part of their answer:

"Independent studies have revealed the ratio of false left biased news stories to honest reporting is over a hundred to one.

The single most important thing that I can suggest to anyone is to rely on Fox cable news for your information."

I swear to God I didn't make that up.

"Follow The Money

Several Hundred Million Dollars have been spent on Nobama, Where did it come from!!"

Ready for the answer? Here it is:

"If you believe their story that it was collected in $1 and $2 on the internet then don't read any further as your gullibility is beyond belief and no amount of facts will enlighten you.....

We, like everyone else, cannot find the hidden source...."

Of course, that didn't stop them from devoting several hundred more words to snide allegations seeming to have something to do with Pakistan and Tony Rezko.

Finally, I leave you with a picture of Obama, from this site. I think he's the yellow one in the middle. I don't quite see the resemblance.

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Poll P. said...

k it's the red one on the left. It has big 'ears'.