Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rahm Emmanuel- Dead Wrong

More attention needs to be focused on the "look forward, not behind" element in the Obama administration, which currently is represented by Rahm Emmanuel's public statements opposing prosecution of Bush administration torturers.

Rahm, I fully understand and support your strategy of saving your ammunition for the big struggles. What you don't seem to recognize is, this IS one of the big struggles.

These acts were committed in my name and in yours. We live with the stain caused by this abomination, and we have a right to wash ourselves clean as far as is possible. This can only be accomplished by holding the perpetrators responsible, as our laws provide, and it is as necessary as any other action our government can take.

In a very fundamental way, if the Obama administration does not deal with this issue properly, it will be as big a failure as if it cannot improve the economy or provide decent health care. As the guy once said, what does it get us to gain the entire world, if we lose our souls in the process.

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