Friday, April 24, 2009

Pat Buchanan Speaks

Pat Buchanan to this day remains a staple on cable "news." There's always been talk about just how far to the right this pathetic specimen of humanity really is. From an article by him at Human Events, we get some clues.

Pat says:

"Now, the change since the 1960s in the character of the nation has been great. The moral and social sappers spawned by that decade have done their work well. But Middle America yet remains a blood-and-soil, family-and-faith, God-and-country kind of nation."

Have you ever heard of "dog whistle" terms? These are phrases that. like dog whistles, are only perceived by certain groups. Usually, they are couched in code words that are understood by those on the right.

Here, I am focusing on the term "blood-and-soil." This may not be familiar to most people, so let me provide some background. From the website

"One of the most central "doctrines" or pseudo-doctrines to the Nazi Belief System was that of "Blood and Soil" or Blut und Boden. "Blood & Soil" was the foundational concept for other concepts such as "Lebensraum and was rooted in occultic philosophies prevalent in German mysticism and Ancient legend, which posited that German Racial Identity, was essentially tied literally and metaphorically to the land."

You may have never heard this term, but you can be sure that every hard right winger knows what it means.

Pat Continues:

"Rooted people love the things of the heart: God, country, family and faith."

These are presumably the real Americans, the opposite of "rootless" people. Now, who would rootless people be? You may have never heard the term used this way, but you can be sure that Pat's audience has. From Wikipedia:

"Rootless cosmopolitan (Russian language: безродный космополит, "bezrodniy kosmopolit") was a Soviet euphemism introduced during Joseph Stalin's antisemitic campaign of 19491953, which culminated in the "exposure" of the alleged Doctors' plot. The term "rootless cosmopolitan" referred mostly (but not only) to Jewish intellectuals, as an accusation in their lack of patriotism, i.e., lack of full allegiance to the Soviet Union."

Well, there you have it. The real Americans, who love God, country, family and faith, versus the evil, rootless Jews. Sound familiar? That's Pat.

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