Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wingnu Lies- One More Chapter

This is a little long, but here are some excerpts from an article at Red State which demonstrates a particularly virulent brand of wingnut viciousness. I want to say once again, that I am bringing these things to you not merely for entertainment, but because it really is necessary for us to be aware of the magnitude of their derangement and hatred.

"Obama Dems: Doing for free what enemies would pay them to do

Would Usama bin Laden and KSM (who gave up intel that saved LA from its 911 thanks to waterboarding), Iran’s Mullahs and MembersOnlyJacket-ijad, and Kim Jung Il prefer that CIA agents fear prosecution by succeeding administrations for the carrying out of lawfully given interrogation orders?

...this penchant....for leftist Democrats to do the bidding (see aiding and abetting) for our enemies, albeit without “adhering”, isn’t new, as in:

1) John Kerry’s trip to Paris to conspire with the Communist North Vietnamese;
2) The Church Commission’s decimation of the CIA and the Democratic Party majority’s abandonment of the then victorious South Vietnamese;
3) Sen. Ted Kennedy’s then secret attempted sabotage with the KGB of President Reagan’s strategies to defeat the Soviet Union;
4) Kerry and other Democrats’ public support for the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua while President Reagan was supporting the freedom fighting Contras;
5) Preventing, since 1978, the expansion of domestic oil exploration and recovery as well as the building of any new oil refineries and nuclear power plants; and, most recently
6) The aggression-inviting weakness of the 2003-2009 Bushlied Democrats that prolonged the Iraq War and cost more American lives by emboldening our enemies to fight on ’till their party took control of the Executive branch;

The Democrats cost the United States victory in the Vietnam War....

And President Bush, the GOP and a remnant of JFK Dems won the Iraq War, for all intents and purposes, and even Obama seems content to let stand…so far.

But that same Obama is gutting the Defense budget...."

Okay, here goes.

1. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was not waterboarded until a year after the alleged Los Angeles skyscraper bombing was supposed to take place, which renders it unlikely that it was his waterboarding that saved us. Incidentally, the plot itself is as much a figment of the imagination as most of Dick Cheney's allegations about Muslim terrorists.

2. Lawfully given orders? Sorry guy, but orders to engage in illegal acts are not "lawfully given." And by the way, where did I hear that "I was just following orders" thing? Oh yeah, it was from Nazis after World War II. It didn't fly then, and it doesn't fly now.

3. "...this penchant....for leftist Democrats to do the bidding (see aiding and abetting)" Ahh yes, those Democrats are nothing but traitors, right?

4.Now, how about those great historic examples of Democratic treason?

John Kerry conspired with the Communist North Vietnamese? A patent, malicious lie.

The Democratic Party abandoned the "victorious" South Vietnamese? By the end of the war, our allies controlled only a few square miles of the country of Vietnam, and despite our providing them with billions of dollars of illegal military aid, had been beaten within an inch of their lives. The notion that we were winning in Vietnam is nothing but Republican propaganda.

Senator Ted Kennedy collaborated with the KGB to sabotage our country? This is so laughabe that it doesn't even deserve a reply.

Kerry supporting the Sandinistas? The Republicans want us to forget that the Sandinistas were the legal govwernment of Nicaragua, elected in an internationally monitored fair election. The Contras were a terrorist army, financed by Reagan in direct defiance of the law of the United States, which forbade our government from aiding them. To get around this law, Reagan raised money by illegally selling 2000 missiles to the mullahs in Iran (yes, you read that right.) Talk about giving aid to our enemies.

Preventing the Oil companies from making more profits at the expense of our environment? That is collaborating with our enemies? Actually, this is probably the most revealing thing in this whole article. It sure puts out in the open whose interest the right is really promoting.

The Democrats emboldened our enemies in Iraq? This is so stupid that I will only respond to it by pointing out that there would have been no enemies in Iraq if Bush had not done everything he could to create them.

5. The Democrats caused our defeat in Vietnam? See above for a response to this tired lie.

6. Obama is "gutting" the defense budget? No, he is raising the defense budget, and you know it damned well.

This article is a perfect selection of the lies, smears and distortions that make up the Republicans' stock in trade. It's a shame to have to waste time refuting them in detail; however it is this kind of manipulation of history, along with similar things like the myth of the great Saint Ronnie, or the notion that George W. Bush was actually elected in 2000, that allow them to spread their poison. Democratic failure to stand up to these abominable myths has cost us so much. Let's not let it happen again.

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