Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama panics Al Qaida

Here is a hilarious article, by Steve Benen, on Alternet:

"Zawahri's public-relations panic fits in nicely with the larger trend. Al Qaeda leaders were able to exploit George W. Bush's policies to recruit, expand, and raise money. The terrorist network is now in a much tougher position, not only in light of Bush's departure, but also with Barack Obama's international popularity. The very last thing al Qaeda wanted was a U.S. president who enjoys global admiration -- and that's exactly what they're responding to.

The result is a terrorist network with panicky pleas, urging followers and potential sympathetic ears to think of Bush and Obama as one in the same -- reality notwithstanding."

The whole article is well worth a read.

Cheney, Lieberman, et. al.- go to school at Barack Obama's feet. Here is how you defeat terrorists, not by playing into their hands with torture and violence. Learn at last what a strong President really is.

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