Friday, April 24, 2009

John McCain- Still a Lying Partisan

From Politico today, this sickening piece of malice from the Man who Would Be President:

"The former GOP presidential nominee and POW....... insisted that those who gave legal advice should not be prosecuted because they were “sworn to do their duty to the best of their ability.”

Let me get this straight, John. They swore to do their duty, and then didn't do it, issuing patently fallacious and morally hateful "opinions." So this makes them less culpable than if they had not sworn to do their duty?
It's okay that they acted criminally because they swore not to act criminally?

What kind of twisted, sick logic is this?

"McCain compared the potential prosecutions with the actions of “banana republics”

Listen, you pathetic excuse for a human being, banana republics torture people. They don't prosecute those responsible for the torture; in fact they say it was just fine. Don't you get that? It's you guys who nearly turned this country into a banana republic. Now you want us to just forget about it. No thanks, buster.

God, we missed a bullet when this guy lost last November.

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