Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Washington Post Degradation

Richard Cohen in today's Washington Post, continuing their righteous crusade to enable torture:

"But it is important to understand that abolishing torture will not make us safer. Terrorists do not give a damn about our morality, our moral authority or what one columnist called "our moral compass."

But, you see, here is what you aren't considering, you pathetic moral degenerate: Terrorists might not give a damn about our morality, but if people don't see America as a nation of monsters, they might not become terrorists. When we invade their country and murder their relatives with impunity, destroy their infrastructure, unleash an orgy of secular violence, and turn their lives into a hopeless nightmare, how do you expect them to act? They are treating us like subhumans because in their eyes, those who do things like that are subhuman. And I have trouble arguing with that point of view.

I don't care if torture works. I am against it because I do not want to be a moral subhuman. I guess, for you, that's okay.

There's lots more in this article to make me mad, but I won't dignify this disgusting hack with any further comment. Read the piece yourself, if you want to waste your time.

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