Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wingnuts Back to their Greatest Hits

God in heaven. The CFO of Freddie Mac committed suicide today, and the toilet bowl that is the right wing blogosphere is already swirling with accusations that he was killed by Barack. Why? Nobody knows, but it MUST be true, right? A hundred days in office, and they are reduced to this already.

No, of course I won't link to this crap. But get ready, we are going to be hearing stories like this for the next eight years.

Oh, excuse me. I meant I won't link to it for a few days, until it becomes so unhinged that we can't pass it up.


TRUTH 101 said...

What's scary is there are millions of deluded right wing fools in this country that will believe this nonsense.

Green Eagle said...

TRUTH101- Yeah, but lucky for us, there are a few less of them every day. The old ones will die off and the young ones are going to eventually get tired of being poor.