Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Liberal Media at Work

From a story at Media Matters, we learn that Pamela Geller has recently been a guest on the following national TV "news" shows:

CNN- American Morning
NBC Nightly News
Fox and Friends
Fox's Huckabee

Readers of Green Eagle will be well aware that Pamela Geller is an unrepentant right wing racist liar of the most despicable sort, who has devoted her life to spreading the ugliest hatred about Muslims, with side excursions to spread grotesque, hateful lies about Obama. Just recently, I reported her serious claims that Obama is plotting nuclear war against the United States.

What place does a person like this have anywhere near a program that claims to present the news, when even moderate liberals like Markos Moulitsas are almost totally blackballed from these networks on the thinnest of pretexts? And yet the media plays along with the right wing lie that it has a liberal slant.

This is not an accident, and it is (as I have said so many times before) not because people like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough have been conned by the right. It is because (thanks to Saint Ronnie) the networks are owned today by multinational corporations that have no more scruples about using the "news" to advance their agenda than they have about any of the other contemptible behavior that is their stock in trade.

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