Friday, July 2, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

I would like to start out today with something from the newest honoree here at Wingnut Wrapup, Mr. Commieblaster, who has graciously consented to provide his insights for your edification:


All twelve of them.

"WHAT'S THE END GOAL? 25 Million Americans Dead."

Commies just love dead people. But why stop there? A real Communist would go for 50.

"MEET OBAMA'S BOSS Communist, George Soros Bought the 2008 Election and Obama."

Capitalist billionaire George Soros, the richest Communist on earth. And how did he "buy" the election for Obama? Don't ask- this guy doesn't have a clue. But someone must have bought it- a negro could not have won fair and square. I mean, this is what he is really saying, right?

"There are 80+ Documented Socialist Members of Congress. Many, Many More Undocumented. Many Believe in Mao and Love Castro. The Democratic Party is Now a Socialist Party."

Oh, grow up, guy. How stupid do you think we are?

"Obama's 80,000-Man Army to Fight Civilians...Like Hitler and Stalin, Obama wants a Civilian Army just as Powerful as Our Military. "

Blah, blah, blah...every sick right wing lie in the book. This is just a small sample. I'll save the rest for the next, oh, forty years or so. There's plenty there for that from this pathetic jerk- not even an original liar, just a repeater of lies.

Ken Blackwell, Town Hall: "President Barack Obama enjoyed his “hamburger summit” with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev last week. The two men chowed down at Ray’s Hell Burger in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington. You can just imagine the president, whom his advisers say has developed a strong relationship with the Russian head-of-state, saying: “Hey Dmitri, pass the ketchup.” Very American. Dmitri, on the other hand, was involved at that moment in passing something else: American nuclear secrets."

By a bunch of recently-arrested "Russian spies" who were about as close to our nuclear secrets as Kobe Bryant. At least, Obama didn't try looking into his soul.

And now, another in the long list of Scandals that Didn't Pan Out:

World Net Daily: "Feds accused of 'colluding' against public on 'booze-gate"

Don't ask- you don't want to know.


And what better tool for nation building than nuclear weapons?

John Kartch, Pajamas Media: "Small Business Owners Furious as 'Tan Tax' Begins"

Right, John. This is a real issue to our nation's small business owners. Upset that you can't find anything real to complain about, are you?

Victor Davis Hansen, Pajamas Media: "Where Did the Tea-Party Anger Come From?"


Erick Erickson, Red State: "The effort to repeal Obamacare continues to gain steam."

Keep telling yourself that, Erick.

Confederate Yankee: "Scholars: Obama One of the Bestest Presidents Evar!!! No... they're serious."

Yup. They are serious, Mr. Yankee. Read it and weep.

Confederate Yankee: "Elena Mengele Kagan"

No comment needed.

Cynthia A. Janack, Renew America: "Will the vaccinated infect the unvaccinated? That is the question with Whooping cough"

Cynthia is Renew America's resident vaccine denier. Well, one thing anyway, Cynthia- the unvaccinated won't be infecting the vaccinated. Think about it.

Newsmax: "Frustration mounts over Kagan's evasions in Senate hearings"

Frustration among whom? The right wing haters out there who believed the lies about her, and are infuriated that she wouldn't admit to them in public?

Newsmax: "Zogby: 60% says U.S. in 'wrong direction'

Quite a decline since the heady days of the Bush Administration, when 86% felt that way. Not that you'd know this from reading the Newsmax post.

Selwyn Duke, American Thinker: "Elena Kagan would be a remarkably bad justice."

What, you mean like Clarence Thomas? No, wait, not like Clarence Thomas. He is a staggeringly, stupefyingly bad justice.

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"No, wait, not like Clarence Thomas. He is a staggeringly, stupefyingly bad justice."