Thursday, July 15, 2010

FEMA Buses to Hell

And this just in from Survivalist News:

"FEMA Buses Spotted In Gulf Shores Alabama

Apparently FEMA is staging evacuation buses in Gulf Shores Alabama. Best guess is that the buses will remove Gulf Shores residents to the civilian prison camp at Maxwell AFB near Montgomery Alabama. The Maxwell civilian prison camp was established under Operation Garden Plot and is staffed and ready to receive “refugees”.

Because what possible reason could there be for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be on the site of a national emergency? I mean, it must be to take people to prison camps, right? I sure can't think of what else they might be up to than starting to implement a plan to enslave the American people. That makes so much sense.

What an evil man that Obama is. Next thing you know he will be sending American troops to "fight" the "terrorists" in "Afghanistan." I mean, am I right, or what?

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