Friday, July 23, 2010

Give This Job a Try, Alvin

Talking Points Memo has managed to uncover some performance reviews of South Carolina "Democratic" Senate candidate Alvin Green from when he was in the military.

According to the report, he was "unable to express thoughts clearly," and
"not able to adapt to any changes to daily routine."

He was also described as potentially being a "a threat to others"

Well, that may not make for a very good Senator, but based on recent experience, it would apparently amount to perfect qualifications to be a Republican president.


mastercynic said...

Did he demand "good" Muslims refudiate the NY mosque and compare himself to Shakespeare?

Green Eagle said...

No. He may be dumb, but apparently he's not dumb enough to be a Republican. At least most Dems have the decency to be horrified that he was nominated.