Monday, July 5, 2010

Michael Mann and the Dying Gasp of Climategate

As worthless as the task may seem, I like to think of myself as maintaining a sort of public record of the colossal misinformation spewed out endlessly by the American right. One of the most persistent of these is the nonexistent "climategate" scandal, based on the deliberate misinterpretation of a couple of e-mails, which propounded the preposterous theory that the entire global warming movement was some sort of vicious conspiracy by thousands of scientists, to delude the world for reasons which no one could explain.

One of the main targets of malicious, lying right wing accusations was Michael Mann, the original source of the "hockey stick graph" showing how the rise in global temperatures has taken off frighteningly in the last few decades. Mann, who was accused of all sorts of cynical manipulation by the right, was recently totally exonerated by a committee of experts convened by his university.

I was most interested to see what the reaction to this turn of events would be on right wing blogs, particularly ones like Pajamas Media and American Thinker, which regularly featured a half dozen or a dozen articles a day, in the angriest, most contemptuous language, promoting this phony conspiracy. So a few days ago, I thought I would keep an eye out for their reaction to the fact that they spent months promoting a gigantic smear campaign.

The response:

Nothing. Not one word of correction or apology from these two malefactors, or from any of the other blogs I survey, with the single exception of this article from Mark Morano at Newsmax:

"It is not surprising that Michael Mann's own university circled the wagons and narrowed the focus of its own investigation to declare the "hockey stick" climate change model purveyor ethical.

The fact that the investigation cited Mann's "level of success in proposing research and obtaining funding" as some sort of proof that he was meeting the "highest standards," tells you that Mann is considered a sacred funding cash cow.

At the height of his financial career, similar sentiments could have been said about Bernie Madoff.

Mann has become the posterboy of the corrupt and disgraced climate science echo chamber. No university whitewash investigation will change that simple reality."

So the utterly innocent Mann is a poster boy of corruption, and his 100% correct scientific findings are the equivalent of a multibillion dollar swindle. Unfortunately, Mann has, I am afraid, no way to stop these disgusting lies and character assassinations, for which our children will pay dearly.

Other than this supremely evil monster, no one on the right took a second to consider what they had done. They've just moved on to new phony scandals and new lies, knowing full well that a few people buy into every lie that they tell, until eventually enough of the country has been brainwashed that they let the people who nearly destroyed the country take over again.


Silverfiddle said...

Keep believin' them fairy tales!

Thank God the great scientists of history did not bow to "settled science," like today's progressives do. The earth would still be flat and the sun would be revolving around it.

In that same Great Britain, teachers much issue a disclaimer about the numerous factual errors in Reverend Gores "The Earth is Too Hot" movie before showing it to students.

It GK Chesterton who observed that those who no longer believe in God now believe in nothing, rather they will believe in anything.

Silverfiddle said...

To restore your unbalance, you may want to read this...

Skepticism is always a good thing, especially when someone is trying to pick your pocket

dmarks said...

Mann's rigged data show him to be as much a scientist as Emanual Velikovsky. And it is always interesting how the Left attacks the whistleblowers who esposed the global warming fraud of Mann and others.

The only "proposterous theory" is man-made global warming. It's all political. Why else would Kyoto have the US cut "greenhouse" emissions while it had China increase them?

"to delude the world for reasons which no one could explain."

Fake pseudo-science, hoaxes, and wild assumptions based on the flimsiests data? People just buy into what's fashionable. Like the global cooling scare of the 1970s.

Green Eagle said...


You are a liar, pure and simple. You are willing to trade the possibility of a decent life for your children and grandchildren, for a couple of hundred dollars a year in Republican tax cuts. That represents a moral standard so low that I think maybe you should forget the children thing, and just become a Catholic priest.