Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama's Economy

CNBC Reports online today:

"Economists say the U.S. recovery continued during the second quarter of this year with more businesses hiring workers and fewer cutting jobs...The National Association for Business Economics said its latest survey, released Monday, found 31 percent of businesses added workers between April and June, the highest level in three years.

And 39 percent of those surveyed say they expect to hire more workers over the next six months — the most since January 2008. Manufacturers reported the strongest increase in demand and profitability."

The press and the villagers will never admit the damage done to the economy by Republican economic lies, which were never intended to to anything but expedite the extraction of wealth by the rich, from the rest of us (at which they did a very good job, sorry to say.)

No, it is so much more appropriate for these people to blame Obama, who slowly but surely is working us out of the deep hole dug by Bush and Cheney and Reagan and Greenspan and Gingrich and Milton Friedman and all of the other toadies of the wealthy.

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