Friday, July 30, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

Yes, it's once again time to dump a load of howling derision on the most deserving characters in the world, our wingnut brothers:

Larry Elder, Town Hall: "Shirley Sherrod, Quit While You're Ahead"

Yeah, from one "black" person to another, shut up! How dare you reveal Andrew Breitbart to be not a principled journalist, but a typical lying right wing smear master. After all, he's only following orders.

Janice Shaw Crouse, Town Hall: " Clinton Wedding Raises Questions of Interfaith Marriage"

It does? With who? I mean, really, who cares? What's the matter with you people- the country is collapsing all around you and this sort of thing is all you care about. Please, grow up some time soon.

Erick Erickson, Red State: " Did the Federal Government Cause the BP Oil Spill?"

Well, in a way they did, Erick. When Bush and Cheney told the oil industry in secret meetings that they could do any damned thing they wanted, and no one would interfere, they certainly helped get us where we are today. Satisfied with this answer? No, I didn't think so.

Confederate Yankee: "No, Texas Hasn't Been Invaded"

Too bad.

Lady Liberty, Gateway Pundit: "Finally!…Ronald Reagan Gets His Day"

How about the anniversary of the 2008 stock market crash?

Chris Adamo, Renew America: "Real America did not sue Arizona"

Because the "Real America" that you are talking about only exists in some other galaxy.

Sher Zieve, Renew America: "Has the time come to replace the federal government?"

Why, that's the patriotic, American thing to do, isn't it, Sher. Sheesh, they rave on about how this is the greatest country EVER, and a minute later they're ready to dump the whole thing in the garbage because they can't stand the fact that we elected a black man President. What a bunch of asses.

Jenn Giroux, Renew America: "Mel Gibson and the cleverness of Satan: "It is the reality"

Because, according to Jenn, Mel is a wonderful person, and he only did the things he did because Satan took him over. Sorry, girl, I ain't buyin' it.

World Net Daily: "Papers prepped to disbar Elena Kagan"

Fat chance. This is being done by Larry Klayman, who has spent the last two decades preparing "papers" to screw some Democrat or other. I'm just surprised that Orly Taitz isn't involved.

Michael Filozof, American Thinker: "What Is the Endgame for Conservatives?"

Holy war against everyone on earth that isn't a racist lunatic. And no taxes for white people. That just about sums it up.

Donald Lambro, Town Hall: "In a campaign strategy that comes directly from the White House high command, Democrats are ditching President Obama's 2008 campaign promise of political reconciliation and attempting to smear the GOP by tying it to the tea party movement."

Ha ha. The scoundrels- smearing Republicans by daring to tell the truth! Is nothing out of bounds in today's politics?

Meredith Turney, Town Hall: "Milton Friedman’s Enduring Legacy"

The depression of 2008? The greatest income disparity since the last depression? About fifty million greed maddened right wingers running around swearing that the less you make, the more you make? Those are my guesses. A legacy to be proud of, huh?

Confederate Yankee, talking about the Breitbart smear job on Shirley Sherrod: "The video was not heavily edited... it wasn't edited at all. It was merely an excerpt..."

Oh, an "excerpt." Carefully selected to present the exact opposite impression from what Shirley Sherrod was really saying. But not "edited." Oh no, they would never do that. That would be dishonest.

Richard Baehr, American Thinker: "Barack Obama's presidential election victory in 2008 represents the most successful new product introduction in American history."

Really? I would have thought that was LSD. Which, Richard, I suspect you are on.

Robin of Berkeley, American Thinker: "I recently received an e-mail that made my skin crawl. It was in response to a spiritually oriented article. The e-mailer, Carl, penned the following, which was short, but not sweet: Jesus and his followers must be destroyed. They are responsible for all the evil in the world."

How abominable, particularly when we know perfectly well from Robin's website that Muslims are responsible for all the evil in the world.

Incidentally, I see that Jim Hoft just had surgery. A speedy recovery, Jim...Wingnut Wrapup just wouldn't be the same without you.


magpie said...

Who cares about the Clinton wedding?

People interested in interfaith relations, not least of whom are a minority of conservative Jewish people who think it erodes Jewish continuity if half of them are marrying non-Jews, particularly where the non-Jew does not convert.

I'm in a marriage that's both interracial and international. If the woman I loved was Jewish and she wanted me to convert to Judaism, I'd say "sure, where do I kneel and what do I sign?".

Not so sure about your country... but we are just a couple of generations beyond the time when eyebrows were raised when Protestants married Catholics. According to one stat I've read, 27% of marriages in the United States are interfaith, not counting between different varieties of Protestantism.

Yes it all seems like a great yawn to those of us who do not base their identity on which version of the imaginary almighty they subscribe to, BUT... that is positive measure of how far we have come, in our modernity, and we should be proud we have achieved this tolerance. Even if the economy is troubled and we're losing a war.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Holy war against everyone on earth that isn't a racist lunatic. And no taxes for white people. That just about sums it up."--GE

Ding! Ding! We have a winnah! That sums it up for me.

Wish I could send you a medal for having to read all those witheringly awful right wing blogs in order to give us your incisive answers to them.

rockync said...

I love your wrapup! Something to cheer me up on a gray and rainy Sunday.
I'm with Shaw, thank you for having the fortitude to wade through all the rightist drivel so the rest of us can benefit.

Silverfiddle said...

I love your bon mots, especially the ones that spring from galloping economic ignorance.

How, pray tell, did Reagan cause the bursting of the stock market bubble?

How did Milton Friedman cause our current financial calamity?

So capitalism isn't perfect, but like democracy, we haven't found anything better yet.

I doubt you or any of you readers will go here, but I provide you the link anyway:

The History of Capitalism

I hear a lot of whining and sniping from the left, but I rarely hear a coherent argument for a competing economic theory.

I also note a reluctance to admit any incompetence or malfeasance on the part of government.

Most just shout, like more cowbell, we need more big government.

Green Eagle said...

I guess I was very unclear about what I meant, as you are a very astute reader. All I meant was that I hope no one is able to turn this totally innocent and private event into one more opportunity to sow racist cultural division in our country. And I for one am not going to let them make me think that the nature of Chelsea Clinton's choice for a husband has a damned thing to do with anything that we need to worry about.

Green Eagle said...

Now, for you, Silverfiddle. I am willing to take your comments seriously, because up to this point you have always made them in a cogent, relatively intelligent manner.

My whole blog has been devoted to fighting Republican economic lies. I can't sum them up here, but I stand with John Kenneth Galbraith's analysis of the last Republican depression: A combination of no regulation on financial depredation and allowing so much money to end up in the hands of the rich that they have no positive way to invest it, is what creates economic bubbles, and the crashes that they inevitably produce. That's what happened in the 1920's, and that's what happened in the Bush administration- economic policy instituted by Reagan to benefit only the very, very rich, based on the nonsensical justifications of Milton Friedman, which even Reagan and his advisors knew to be total nonsense.

Silverfiddle said...

I think you are a serious person, Green Eagle, so I will provide you a few links and in the privacy of your own home you can use these government statistics to test your theories:

One of the things you will notice is an unprecedented economic boom from Reagan through Clinton. Revenue doubled as percentage of GDP under Reagan alone.

What the stats won't show is that the global economy was evolving from a US dominated one of the post WWII era to one with multiple industrialized countries. The pool of economic players expanded faster than the overall pie, so the US lost its economic hegemony.

Cars replace horse and buggies, computers replace typewriters, and other countries learned how to build cars more efficiently that us. Thank God, we caught back up.

I share your concern that the rich not practice depredations on the rest of us.

A good government is supposed to provide a level playing field and referee the game. Ours has failed at that because democrat and republican are in bed with Wall Street. It's a big orgy on our dime.