Saturday, July 3, 2010

Republican Senators Descend Even Further

Now that the Senate hearings for Elena Kagan are coming to a close, I have one comment to make.

Unable to find a single real problem with Elena Kagan, a number of the Republican Senators on the judiciary committee decided instead to engage in an attack on the Supreme Court justice for whom she clerked- Thurgood Marshall. I have a couple of comments to make about this:

First, let us be clear that their attacks on Marshall were without a shred of substance. Marshall was a thoroughly mainstream justice whose record has never been maligned until now, except by the most unrepentant of racists.

Second, there is simply no chance whatsoever that this multipronged attack was the result of spontaneous decision by these Republican Senators that, all of a sudden, it was time to revisit the tenure of a dead Supreme Court justice.

This leaves open only one viable conclusion: The Republican party has now granted itself the right to descend into open racism in order to regain power. We all know perfectly well what the subtext of these comments is- a black man cannot be trusted on the court, and presumably in the White House either. (Let's not even bring up the pathetic tool Clarence Thomas here.)

This represents a further descent into the muck of hatred and lies for the Republicans, who know they cannot regain power any other way. It is a sad day that I certainly never expected to see. As cynical as I am about the right, they constantly surprises me with their willingness to stoop to the lowest, most evil behavior when their attempts to get anything through decent means are thwarted.


cardinal44 said...

How about some of the attacks?

Poll P. said...

Who is their moral teacher, turning them away, ashamed, from racism, Chauvinismn, and anti-Semitism? They are preached a gospel of greed and hatred, and they believe it's the word of God. They will never see themselves truly. I fear we just have to wait for them to die, and hope the Earth doesn't die before them.

Green Eagle said...

I have compared the period we are living in to the forty years that the Jewish people had to wander in the desert, trying to make that exact point. It's a sad prospect.