Friday, July 16, 2010

A Simple Explanation of the Dems' Troubles

Would you like to know why Democrats are having so much trouble getting any traction with voters, who seem posed to return to power the very people who nearly destroyed our country two years ago? Consider this: Yesterday, Obama and the Democratic party achieved a phenomenal victory for the American people by putting together an unstoppable majority in Congress to pass major new financial controls on the out-of-control maniacs on Wall Street. This was done despite the almost unanimous opposition of Republicans, who are dedicated above all else to letting the rich do any damned thing they want. How was this treated in our "liberal" press? Here are a few examples.

At the New York Times, the headline was: "Obama Pushes Through Agenda Despite Political Risks" The article was about how the voters apparently don't like being protected from another depression.

At NBC News: "Obama builds on a record blurred by poor economy" Again-nothing to indicate that he won a major victory for the American people, but another chance to implicitly blame him for the Republican economic collapse.

At the Washington Post: "Obama has a good day, finally But with inconclusive tests on oil cap and criticism of financial overhaul, will good feelings last?" Not a second to let Democrats enjoy this victory before swinging into attack mode.

ABC News- They could not even find room for this story in the "latest headlines," which does haves room for "Pamela Anderson's Racy PETA Ad" and "Jessica Biel Says No to Many Foods"

CNN: Again, not listed at all among major stories, but they did manage to run this: "GOP blasts Obama on economy." His decisive victory in dealing with what caused the bad economy is not worth as much coverage as the usual endless Republican lies about him.

If Bush had pushed this law through Congress despite almost unanimous Democratic obstruction (fat chance) we would have endless stories pushed down our throat about the magnificence of our wonderful cowboy CEO President. But Obama is not given a shred of credit in the mainstream media for his success. Is it any wonder that the Republicans, with the willing Quislings in the press, have been able to eat away at Democrats' ratings? This is exactly what gave us Reagan, Gingrich, the two Bushes, McConnell, Boehner, McCain et. al. in the first place. Without press collaboration, the Republicans would never have been able, in only three decades, to reduce the United States from the strongest country on earth to barely more than third world status.

And the press has learned nothing from the consequences of their behavior. God help the U.S.A.

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