Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where in the World?

Take a look at these pictures:

What do you think? Iraq? Afghanistan? No, these photos are from here:

Yes, these are photos of violence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico- just about three miles from downtown Laredo Texas.

Right next door, folks. How long will it be before we will be bringing those troops home from Afghanistan, in order to send them to fight in Texas? Oh well, at least maybe it will be a chance for George Bush to finish his national guard enlistment.

Maybe all of the American politicians over the decades who thought that it was just dandy for them to keep Mexico in peonage in order to profit big corporations ought to be thinking twice about that decision.

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Poll P. said...

Man, you've got to pity the families fleeing that disorder. Who would want to bring up kids in all that danger! As unpleasant as we make it for them to be here, it's got to be worse to stay there!