Friday, July 23, 2010

A Flash, or maybe A Flush From the Past

In Green Eagle's lunatic meanderings through the sewer that is today's conservatism, he rarely comes across anything which gives him as much innocent amusement as the following scholarly essays, written by one Robert Firth, at the time of the 2008 election, and which so well encapsulate both the vision and the values of our wingnut brethren:


Illegal aliens: Now that they have been voted into power, look for the "Filthy Libs" to pass laws providing immediate amnesty for the 20 odd million illegal aliens already living on the largess of the American Taxpayers. In 4 years they will be sworn in as citizens and permitted to vote, thus guaranteeing nobama and his liberal pals permanent control. The days of America being run by common sense conservatives is over- Our once great country is headed now into the dust bin of history..."

Whoops- wrong on prediction one- the "filthy libs" haven't even suggested such a thing, and it's already halfway through 2010! And by the way, the days of America being run by common sense conservatives ended on January 6, 1919, when Teddy Roosevelt died. Let's move on:

"State and early elections: In NJ, Virginia and other state and early elections Americans will rise up and defeat the obama minions and black ass kissers. The voters will demonstrate to the filthy lbs that they aren't at all interested in turning America into a socialist paradise."

Wow! that didn't happen either! Some Dems lost, and some Republicans lost. Nobody rose up to defeat the ass kissers! What a shame, huh?

"Health reform: Peloose and Reid will loose. American's overwhelmingly reject govern intrusion into their personal business."

Wrong, wrong, WRONG on count three! "Peloose" (whatever that is supposed to imply- that she's a cheap date?) and Reid didn't lose. Imagine that! Guy, you just aren't doing that well with the prediction thing.

"The economy: The America we knew is gone, never to be resurrected. Look for the dollar to massively inflate as the filthy libs, pandering to their wretched constituents, feverishly print more and more greenbacks! nobama wants to hire his black ghetto pals to shovel dirt on public projects- this is his idea of saving the economy. Imagine a typical ghetto gang member, a drug pushing wog, with dreadlocks, a gold grill, nose and ear rings being offered minimum wage to work making roads.......... Good grief! the idea fairly boggles the mind!"

Inflation? Nowhere to be seen, friend. And I never noticed that Obama has that many pals that could be described as " a typical ghetto gang member, a drug pushing wog, with dreadlocks, a gold grill, nose and ear rings," although I am sure that it would be an evil lie to suggest that your use of that phrase might reveal a little, tiny bit of racism in your soul. Well, wrong on count four, anyway!

"The Iranian bomb: Iran will get close to testing her WMD's and Israel will try to stop them by destroying the bomb making sites. Look for this action in the next few months."

Nope- wrong again, Mr. Seer of Wisdom.

"America: In 2009 there will be a lot of "chatter" about dividing our country- one half for the filthy libs and their voting underclass and another for the 50 million Conservatives who voted aganist nobama..Of course, without another civil war, this will never happen."

0 for 6, buster. The only "chatter" about splitting up the country came from greedy racist pigs like yourself. Well, I'm afraid we have to give you an F on that test, but let's move on to your views about Obama himself:

"The Doomsday President

This was written before the unfortunate election but it remains pertinent!"

Pertinent if you are a psychotic idiot.

"For all the Obama supporters; This is a reality check! I want to advise you of the consequences that I foresee in the event your candidate should win the election. If Obama wins, it should come as no surprise that he will become a serious target for assassination which, if successful, will start a race war unlike anything we have ever seen. Watts will seem like a Boy Scout picnic by comparison………"

" he will become a serious target for assassination..." And that is totally his fault too, for winning the election. " which, if successful, will start a race war unlike anything we have ever seen." Wrong- it won't be a race war because, contrary to what you seem to think, plenty of white people are actually decent human beings who aren't willing to destroy the country they claim to love rather than have a black president, so they will be on his side.

"Even if he somehow survives, the country will be completely torn apart and divided by deep hatreds. Racism, as we all know, is very much alive and most white Americans will not long stand for a black socialist president “spreading their wealth” as he has said he would do. ……. Thousands will move out of the country taking their guns and money with them, telling nobama to "keep the change!".

Boy, you sound proud that racism still thrives in our country. Well, those of you that want to take your guns and leave- bye! Why not move to Iran, where they will never have an African American president. You should be happy there. As for your threat to tear the country apart if we dare elect a black president, well, you guys are trying your best, but it isn't working out that well, is it?

" The dollar will become worthless…….. This is probably not what you want to see for our country. Chavez, Putin Amadinijad and all America’s enemies will laugh themselves silly."

You know, the dollar lost half of its value under Bush, and you never squealed away like you are now. Actually, it has gained value under Obama. And by the way, why are you so concerned with what Chavez and Amadinejad have to say? Maybe you are planning to move to Iran.

"Here’s the clincher. There are millions of dedicated white American patriots, (who) will stop at nothing to kill Pres Barry whom they see as a terrible danger to the survival their country. The list includes thousands of police and military trained individuals, many with the access, knowledge and means to take him out. It is not unlikely to assume that one of them will eventually succeed."

So that is what you are counting on and rooting for, huh, the assassination of the President? Not what we usually associate with the term "patriot." Really, closer to the term "traitorous, terrorist scum."

"If you agree with this analysis, tell everyone you know what will be the result if Obama wins…. if elected, he will be the beginning of a terrible conflagration that will destroy this great country…….and likely much of the world as well.. "

Well, no sign of that so far, asshole, but keep your hopes up. You never know.


Poll P. said...

How could I have missed the fact they the anti-immigration folks are scared the new citizens will vote 'democrat'.!!!

Poll P. said...

Made it to the end, but feel polluted.