Friday, July 2, 2010

Net Neutrality- A Marxist Plot

Here is a typical example of "fair and balanced" coverage of the issues, from a post on Red State. What do you think they are talking about?

"Free Press is the Media Marxist organization leading the charge to wrest control of the internet from those who have invested tens of billions of dollars to develop it into the free speech, free market Xanadu that it is today.

Free Press and their ilk would rather sole control of web infrastructure be in the hands of the government - which always and everywhere has done an excellent job of ensuring a thriving environment for free speech and free markets.

Nothing will shut down private investment into the internet faster and better. Which is just what Free Press & Co. want - to have the private players cede the field, leaving government alone to dominate it."

Now, what exactly is this horrible, Marxist abomination that Free Press wants to force on the American people, and use to destroy private participation in the web? It is something called "net neutrality." This would not let internet service providers charge different rates to different customers using the same services. Why is this necessary? Because otherwise, huge corporations would be totally free to silence anyone who disagrees with them, by raising their internet rates to a point where they could not afford their sites. So, nothing would be "in the hands of the government," the private investors in the internet would be just the same as they already are; and let's not forget that it was our government, and a certain Senator Al Gore in particular, that fought for and obtained the money that was really spent on developing the internet.

Well, there you have it- corporate lying, not at its finest, just one more example.


M. Bouffant said...

It's already worked. I heard a ninny calling in to a talk show today; he was all "we're going to be like Venezuela if Obama gets what he wants: The Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutrality, yada yada."

Just sad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I've visited a few rightwing blogs to see what they're saying. Here're some of the zanier comments:

"If the Senate passes the so-called “Internet ‘kill-switch’” bill, already approved by committee, President BO will be handed the power to shut down the Internet for four months at a time without Congressional oversight."


"All despots always claim that their suppression of the people’s rights are for the security of the nation."

...and, of course, Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogy kicks in:

"Well, it's Hitler's Germany in America and the left will laugh their frozen custards off at me, but I'm tired of beating around the is what it is and if they don't wake up, THEY are going to very sorry, too."

Keep in mind, these are the same folks who idolize the dimwit from Wasilla and have as the head of the RNC, Michael "The Afghan War Was A War of Obama's Choosing" Steele.

There must be a sign-up sheet somewhere that demands utter imbecility as a requisite for membership in the GOP.

Commie Blaster said...


Green Eagle said...

Dear Mr. Commie Blaster:

1. It is generally considered a violation of internet ethics to post a comment on someone's blog for the sole purpose of linking to your own site.

2. Despite this, I must say that I am happy that you did this. I enjoyed your site, and have bookmarked it. You can be sure that you will now have the honor of being prominently featured in future editions of Green Eagle's Wingnut Wrapup.

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