Friday, July 9, 2010


So here is what is going on in high profile right wing blogger and all around lunatic Jim Hoft's world today:

"Taliban Training Killer Monkeys to Shoot Americans"

Yes, this total idiot is actually reporting this as a credible story. For those of you who doubt that even the American right could sink so low, I am going to break my normal pattern with people like this, and post a link to this edifying article. Well, if people will believe that the earth is 6000 years old, they'll believe anything, I guess. Hoft continues:

"If President Barack Obama withdraws from the war in Afghanistan, he would be the first commander-in-chief in American history to surrender to an army of monkeys"

Not, in my humble opinion, one of the major concerns that should be occupying the President's time, but then you never know. He's already in a war right here at home with an army of jackasses.

When you get done learning about this mammoth new turn of events, perhaps you'd like to continue with Mr. Hoft and inform yourself with the following article:

"Bush-Hating “Narcissist” LeBron James Decides to Play Ball in Miami"

And no, I don't think I'll link to that one.


magpie said...

Would it be... uncharitable of me... to infer that Mr Hoft is saying that man in the White House is on the same level as a monkey?
I do want to be careful about calling someone racist because I've been called one myself, and the Right-wing insists that it's all misdirection by their opposition.
Hmmm... let's look at the comments to the post over at Gateway Pundit to see if I have that all wrong...

Ah! One writes "We await word from our Primate-in-Chief. I could say soooo much more…."
Well I'm sure he could. The commenter goes by the name "templar knight", after all.

Well, to be fair, that was just one... Oh wait. No. There's another..
"Those were not monkeys… That was a photo of the new black panther party."


But I should say in fairness that someone there - jonyjoe101 - has given serious consideration to the military science of this latest darstardly threat:
"A monkey with a gun is dangerous, but they don’t have any air support or means to call in a airstrike. That right there is there archilles heal."

Oh great, I feel so much better now, jonyjoe101. That's "Achilles' heel", by the way. It tends to be localized to different parts of the body. With Sarah Palin it's her brain, for instance.

Opus#6 says "Sounds like the Taliban are having an enlistment problem."
No. They're not. Not thanks to you guys. That's why we are still fighting and losing in Afghanistan.

archer52 says "The “monkeys” are a case of mistaken identity. It is just a bunch of hairy short afghans."
Well just so we're clear that the Right aren't prejudiced only with regard to black people.

But Ladue Pundit asks a question: "Where’s PETA? Last month in Gaza they blew up a donkey."

Can't honestly say I know the answer to that one, Ladue.......

flavor411 said...

OMG Taliban trained killer monkeys!

I guess we need to spend another trillion dollars to fight those trained killer monkeys over there, so we don't have to fight them here.

boomer bob said...

Oh this began in 2006 in Sierra Leone just outside the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. A car loaded with tourists got lost looking for the sanctuary and were attacked by highly trained chimps, killing one and injuring another.

It was white-washed (oops, did I say that?) as an accidental escape by the band of Talibanzees and covered as a spot on Animal Planet

Green Eagle said...


I suspect that monkeys could be trained to kill people, but I do not believe that they could be trained to figure out which people to kill. It the Taliban or Al Qaida really managed to convince the monkeys that it was a cool idea to shoot off AK's, I suspect the monkeys would promptly turn around and shoot the nearest people: i.e. their trainers.

And let's remember that the issue here is not whether Al Qaida would waste their time on a lunatic scheme like this, but why the American right is so traumatized and propagandized that they have willingly abandoned any pretext of rational thought.