Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

Time for another load of sewage from the other side of the aisle, huh? Well, here's what they're "thinking" these days:

Pat "I Love Me Some Hitler" Buchanan, Town Hall: "Rescuing itself from the obscurity it richly deserves, the NAACP has found a way back onto the front page: accuse the tea party movement of harboring racists. Is it not an absurd world we live in?"

God, Pat has that one right. A guy who has spent a lifetime defending Nazis becomes an appropriate person to talk about the NAACP. And for stating a totally obvious truth. Well, Nazis like Pat don't have much use for the truth.

Michael Gerson, Town Hall: "Dishonoring Stalin's Victims"

Funny, this was not an article about how conservatives debase the horrors of the Stalinist era by comparing him to Obama. Go figure.

Neil Stevens, Red State: "Reid leads, or Mason Dixon understating Angle again?"

Oh, it must be the latter. How could the majority leader of the Senate possibly be ahead of a mentally ill scientologist in the polls?

Moe Lane, Red State: " The Democratic Governors Association Spent $800,000.00 Attacking Barack Obama...Doofuses."

I only quote Moe here to point out something I find so interesting. It is absolutely inconceivable to right wingers that someone on the left would actually dare to disagree with his leader. And which side of the fence do the real fascists live on?

Dan Benishak, Red State: " The Consequences of Bart Stupak’s Betrayal"

The consequences are an opportunity for the right to tell one more gigantic lie- in this case that Obama is funding abortions. See, Dan, there is a silver lining to every cloud.

Power Line: "Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee implores Congress to learn the lessons of our victory in Vietnam that we refused to declare, one that has resulted in two countries living side-by-side in peace and good fellowship."

Our "victory." Maybe it's just me, but I never associated victory with getting the crap beat out of you until you could barely control a square inch of land outside of your military bases, and then turning tail and running for home. And by the way, Vietnam is not "two countries living side-by-side in peace," it is one country as it always was, and has done just fine since the United States left and stopped killing millions of its innocent civilians. This stupid remark makes as much sense as giving the Nazis credit for the strong economic state of the Czech Republic today.

Scott, Power Line: "The Obama administration doesn't seem to have a clue about how businesses grow. "

Maybe, but at least they are not world class experts on how to make businesses shrink, like the Bush administration.

And here is another entry in the category of "scandals that are going nowhere:"

Emily Miller, Human Events: "Oprah NOT Invited to Chelsea Clinton's Wedding"

How abominable. I bet they didn't invite Mel Gibson either.

Tony Lee, American Thinker: "Palin's Potential Path to the White House Parallels Obama's"


Obama: Head of the Law Review, Harvard Law School
Palin: Attended five colleges to get a bachelors' degree in TV broadcasting.

Palin: Beauty contest runner up
Obama: No record of his having entered any beauty contests, although maybe the pictures are hidden away with his Kenyan birth certificate.

Obama: Constitutional law professor
Palin: TV Weather Girl

Obama: Served honorably as a State Senator and United States Senator
Palin: Quitter.

Obama: Elected the first black president of the United States:
Palin: Earned $12 million giving jingoistic, lying speeches anywhere that they would pay her.

Oh yeah, just alike, Obama and Palin.

Dr. Jack Wheeler's To The Point: "If those managing a company had acted as recklessly and irresponsibly as has Congress with the U.S. economy, they rightly would be fired."

Yeah, it's so gratifying to see all of those Wall Street guys and BP and Enron executives living on the street, trying to panhandle up enough money to buy a bottle of Thunderbird.

But wait, there's more:

"The death tax rate this year will be zero as a result of the Bush-era phaseout of this destructive tax, but it is set to jump to 55 percent as of Jan. 1. There have been many articles about the likelihood of individuals attempting to time their deaths before the end of the year to save their heirs many millions of dollars in "death taxes."

Oh yeah? I'd have been a little more convinced if he gave a single example of a rich person killing themselves to avoid a tax on their descendants. Why don't I believe that this ever happened? But the best is yet to come:

"Why don't we just create the kind of jail houses in Cuba, and let these two live out the rest of their lives, in separate cell houses; so that they can perhaps get a feeling of how so many political prisoners are housed in Cuba?"

Jack, maybe this has totally slipped your mind, but we have already created "the kind of jail houses in Cuba" so that people can experience "how so many political prisoners are housed in Cuba." It's called Guantanamo. Remember now?

Hans Balder, "Abolish Law School, Keep the Bar Exam...I learned very little about real-world law in three years at Harvard Law School"

Hans, I don't know how to break this to you gently, but the (obvious) fact that you didn't learn anything in three years at Harvard Law School doesn't really surprise me that much, and it certainly doesn't lead me to believe that all of the rest of the students there feel the same way. Sorry, Harvard isn't going away just becuause you partied your way through the Law School (if you ever did.)

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Disgusting! NAACP Leader Ben Jealous Labels Tea Party “White Supremist Group” – Links Movement to KKK, Stormfront and David Duke"

It's always so disgusting to wingnuts to hear the truth.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Obama’s Marxist Religion Requires That Politicians to Redistribute the Wealth"

Jim, Marxists don't have any religion. Didn't you attend Tea Party 101? Maybe you should sign up for a refresher course at Glenn Beck University.

World Net Daily: "Breitbart to NAACP president: 'Go to hell'

Don't think he will take the advice. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

Chuck Morse, World Net Daily: "The Obama-Hitler-Lenin billboard...Needless to say, some liberal and even some conservative commentators are calling this inspired piece of legitimate political commentary "fringe" and are predictably attempting to link that label to all conservatives and Republicans."

It's legitimate to compare Obama to Hitler and Lenin. Of course it was treason to suggest that it might have been a tiny mistake for Bush to invade Iraq. Mr. Morse would probably regard this as legitimate commentary too:

Astute Bloggers: "MAYBE MEL GIBSON WAS RIGHT ABOUT OKSANA? I THINK MAYBE MEL GIBSON WAS RIGHT ABOUT OKSANA. I think when Mel describes her as a gold-digging, lying whore he was probably correct."

Know her personally, do you, O Astute ones? I don't think I need put down in writing what I think about this one. I know you are thinking the same thing.


I said it above: These guys are both communists. They don't have any God.

Astute Bloggers: "HERE'S WHY "TAXING THE RICH" IS AN AWFUL IDEA:...the Top 5 percent in income earners account for about one-third of consumer outlays"

You know what's funny, when I hear that fact, I think it's a great reason to tax the bejesus out of the rich. How about you?

And let's end with Today's Poll, from Town Hall:

Who Is Worse?

Mel Gibson 1%
Eric Holder 54%
The NAACP 12%
The New Black Panther Party 23%
Roman Polanski 10%

Eric Holder, who I guarantee you, none of these people knows a damned thing about, is apparently 5 times as bad as a child rapist. What a bunch of great, patriotic Americans.


SPN Headines said...

A credible witness now says that he saw Obama's parents "do the nasty" and thus conceive our current president on U.S. soil - deet are at:

Peace! :-)

Shaw Kenawe said...

On the Palin/Obama comparison:

Obama = First class intellect

Palin = Last class intellect.

No one can "refudiate" that.

Silverfiddle said...

Obama was not a law professor, he was a lecturer.

mastercynic said...

and Oprah has been invited to Chelsea's wedding where she promises not to lecture.

Green Eagle said...

You know what, SPN? You'll have to forgive me if this is crazy, but I just don't trust the testimony of some guy who claims he watched some other couple having sex.

And Silverfiddle, you are right there, but that still does not address the massive difference between Obama and the pathetic demagogue Palin.