Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where Have They Gone?

So, here it is, Fourth of July Weekend, and poor Green Eagle is stuck in Atlanta, Georgia, the Capitol of the New South. What to do, what to do... Oh, I know- I'll attend a tea party or two. That's always fun.

So, I searched and searched on the internet, and apparently, in this city of five million people, there is not one single Independence Day tea party! They can't get enough people together to even fill a small park.

What a sham the entire tea party "movement" has been since day one. And now, outside of our gullible mainstream media, it apparently doesn't exist at all any more. We're going to still be treated, however, to endless press reports about this gigantic popular uprising, and how our politicians need to bend their wills to its demands.


flavor411 said...

My condolences for being stuck in Atlanta.
Walk around, I'm sure you'll find plenty of teabagger type people.

Maybe they just have trouble coming together because they're selfish, very angry and anti-social...
not the types that tend to gather in parties.

Poll P. said...

Maybe they're having private, 'back-yard BBQ'tea parties. Railing against Obama, amongst themselves?

dmarks said...

Perhaps they have gone the way of the so-called "anti war" (really "let the terrorists keep attacking us") rallies of the Bush era.

Bush's "Wars of Choice" have been Obama's "Wars of Choice" for over a year now, but there's no sign of the pro-terrorist mobs that marched against Bush.

Green Eagle said...

DMarks, let me explain this to you in simple terms:

The anti war rallies attracted hundreds of thousands of people, and were virtually ignored by the press.

The tea parties, of which I have been to a number, attracted almost no one and were a creation of corporate propaganda.

Now, as to your second slimy point: It was not "pro terrorist" to object when the miserable failure Bush took troops away from actually fighting the terrorists (however ineptly) to engage in a war of aggression against an entirely innocent country, using fabricated evidence to delude the American people into backing him, and proceeding to kill a million innocent civilians in the process. This act was exactly analogous to Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia, and was a monstrous war crime for which Bush and Cheney should have been tried and executed.

It will forever be a black mark against Obama that he did not state this as soon as he took office, pull our troops out of Iraq, and use the money that has been spent continuing the Bush aggression to try to provide some kind of reparations for this bestial war.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Tea Party is nothing more than the vocal racist terror arm of the republican party. They shout the slogans and make the threats of violence and murder the republican bigots craft.

As to dmarks comment: Cindy Sheehan asked the same question it's good to know some conservatives are anti-war. Unless... dmarks is just asking that because he's a typical conservative punk ass bitch who loves wars and murder when it's his pimp doing it for him.