Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

Who cares?

I mean more self-indulgent pop star who had money, fame, adoration of her fans, a life that is just a fantasy to ordinary people, and here you have idiots all over the media today talking about how hard things were for her, and how sensitive she was because she was an "artist."

There are plenty of people in this world who have it so tough that they deserve our sympathy.  This woman was not one of them.  She had it all and killed herself with drugs and irresponsibility.  So what?  There are plenty more pop divas where she came from, for anyone shallow enough to think such people mean anything.

I'm sorry if this makes people mad, but we've got tens of thousands of poor women being left to become victims of breast cancer, so some right wing assholes can stir up their "base" with one more bogus outrage; we have 8,000 newly revealed cases of child molestation in one Catholic diocese in this country, and we are supposed to waste our time feeling sorry for Whitney Houston?  No thanks.

P.S:  I have now seen some nauseatingly racist things about Whitney Houston at the right wing blogs, so I just want to say that I saw the Grateful Dead around sixty times, and I felt the same way when Jerry Garcia died.  This isn't about racism, it's about the failure to appreciate it when you have been dealt a wonderful hand in life.


Dave Dubya said...

Both Garcia and Houston were sick individuals. I don't think money and talent changes the fact. They each sought help but ultimately failed to heal. "Aint no time to hate."

Both of their deaths were visciously gloated over by hateful Right Wing bigots and extremists. That is the sickness that scares me. At least addiction can be treated. There's no cure for hate.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't mourn her because she wasn't a s---t stirrer like Nicki Manaj or rapping about ho's and fat ass mommas.

Green Eagle said...

I couldn't identify a single song by Nicki Manaj (I don't even really know that this person is a singer- I'm just assuming,) and I haven't voluntarily listened to enough rap in my life to last through one playing of "Honky Tonk Women." I listen mainly to people like Buddy Guy and Albert King. Got any snide comments to make about them?

Magpie said...

Another Anonymous classic...

If you don't want to slit your wrists or play the soundtrack to The Bodyguard 24-7 at hearing Whitney Houston died... then it must be because you like gangster rap.
Not because you're more interested in other news, or prefer Beethoven, or never heard of her, or are just real busy...oh no.
It's because you like songs with pofanity.

I wish I could bottle Right-wing dumbness. I could put it next to a funnelweb spider and say "gather round folks... observe the two of the most poisonous things in the world side by side"