Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Press Continues To Deliberately Misinterpret The Election

Like this, from USA Today, although the same thinking can be found without exception throughout the mainstream media:

"WASHINGTON – A pair of new polls suggest the race for the Michigan primary has swung to Mitt Romney's advantage heading into the last weekend before the election. But his lead is a slim one."

Naturally, the story of the Michigan primary is presented as some ebb and flow between the candidates, rather than the truth:  Romney needs a win in Michigan, but that's all he needs, not a landslide.  So the massively rich people behind Romney's candidacy will spend just enough on negative ads, to cut into Santorum's support and purchase a Romney victory.  That's what he did in Iowa, it's what he did to Gingrich in Florida, it's his whole campaign strategy: use the monetary advantage that comes from being the rich people's candidate to knock down anyone who gets close to him.  And, if it doesn't quite work, like in Maine and in the Iowa caucuses, a few precincts will turn up missing, or some other irregularity will occur, and voila! Romney wins!  It's been inevitable all along.

And just wait until the general election, when Romney has to run against a real person with real accomplishments.  That will make his behavior so far look like a picnic.

Any resemblance to democracy is strictly unintentional.

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Silverfiddle said...

Any resemblance to democracy is strictly unintentional.

That pretty much describes the past 12 years of BushObama...