Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Owe It To Us

Well, here we are, in one of the most screwed up countries on earth, and the American people keep handing the tiller back to the criminals who got us here.  You know why this keeps happening?  Because Americans are the most stupid, ignorant, greedy people on earth, and they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Case in point today:  this article, caught by Atrios:

"Farmers furious after Iraq stops buying US rice

The talk of the day among Ray Stoesser and other rice farmers is Iraq's decision not to buy U.S. rice...Stoesser and other farmers know Iraqis struggled during the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation..."

"Struggled during the U.S. invasion?"  What, you mean when they were killed by the hundreds of thousands by us, during our aggression against their country?  Yeah, I guess that would count as struggling.

"They know most countries , and people , buy based on price..."That's just not right," the 63-year-old Stoesser fumed. "If we've got some rice to sell, they ought to pay a premium for it just because this is the country that freed them..."

Freed them from life. And destroyed their infrastructure in the process, and then left their country in the hands of religious fanatics backed by their enemy, Iran. Yeah, they really owe us something for that.  Let's just pray that they never get a chance to pay back that debt.

"You would think with all that we've done over there, there would be a way to get them to do business with us," said Ronald Gertson, who grows rice in Lissie, Texas."

That's right.  All we've done over there.  Just like how the Nazis did so much for the Poles, what with removing all of those worthless peasants they were saddled with (i.e. the Polish people) and replacing them with hard-working, patriotic SS troopers.  The least the Iraqis could do is pay us a fair price for that.

"Iraq seems to be buying on price, and the lowest offered price is coming now from India," Aaronson said.  (Andy Aaronson, chairman of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rice Interagency Commodity Estimate Committee.)"

They are buying on price!  How dare they!  They owe us!  Sure, Capitalism is the greatest thing ever, but only for us, not for them!

"We invested so much in that country, and we feel like it's something of a slap in the face," said (Mike) Wagner, who's considering planting more soybeans or a new crop on his 4,000-acre Mississippi Delta farm..."We spent billions and billions, if not trillions over there, and lots of people died," Alter said. "There should be some reciprocation ... Last time I checked, there wasn't any Uruguayan soldiers that lost their lives in Iraq."

Last I checked, there were never any Uraguayan soldiers in Poland either.  We spent trillions destroying their country, and the ungrateful pigs won't acknowledge what they owe us for that?  Let me tell you something:  If these jingoistic American asses got the reciprocation they are asking for, we'd have a few million dead civilians here too, and virtually no electricity or water supply, and we'd be under the control of a pack of religious lunatics funded by Mexico. 

But no, WE are the most noble, self-sacrificing people on earth, and anyone who says different is a Communist or something.  The hatefulness of these people, who can stand by while our country devastates another land without a shred of justification, and then claim that it is they that owe us something, is beyond description.

Listen, what miniscule fraction of one percent of the American people could recognize this guy?

His name is Mohammed Mossadegh.  Don't recognize him?

"Mohammad Mosaddegh was the Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 to 1953 until being overthrown in a coup d'├ętat.

His administration introduced a wide range of social reforms but is most notable for its nationalization of the Iranian oil industry...Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organised and carried out by the United States"

So, you think that, just maybe, the reason Iranians are so hostile toward the United States is not because they are a bunch of insane Muslims, but because they remember that we overthrew their democratic government and replaced it with a vicious, murderous dictator, and supplied him with so many weapons that no one had the strength to get rid of him except fanatics backed by a religion of one billion people?  You think just maybe they don't trust us because we gave them decades of dictatorship followed by decades of repressive religious rule?  Oh no, it's because they are stupid, violent brown people. 

And yet these smug, ignorant pigs go on screaming that the world owes us everything, because we are such noble people, who go around doing nothing but wonderful deeds.  The United States is in fact a degraded monster, preying on the rest of the world whenever it suits its purpose, and full of people mighty proud of the fact.  This is the cancer that is eating this country away, and the result is the ludicrous, disgusting collection of lying demagogues that the Republican party is presenting to us as potential leaders of our country, and the preposterous fact that it is all too likely that one of them will be living in the White House next year.

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I think the White House owes me some perp walks!