Saturday, February 11, 2012

God in Heaven Above

"The bankruptcy hearings for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee have revealed more than 8,000 previously unreported instances of alleged sexual abuse of children, according to one attorney representing the victims. The charges cover a span of 60 years and implicate a group of 100 alleged offenders, including nuns, church workers and some 75 priests."

 And we are supposed to take it seriously when these disgusting criminals  pretend to be all bent out of shape at the moral outrage of having to provide women with health care.  How can this country have spun so off the rails that organized child rape means nothing, and yet people will scream from now to eternity over a made-up crisis? 

This is 8,000 previously unreported criminal acts in one diocese, which the Church clearly knew about all along, but hid from the public.  How can this not be a crime of the most disgusting nature?  At this point, I feel all the more secure in my belief that sexual abuse of children has undoubtedly been a central feature of the Catholic Church, all over the world, and for centuries.  This malignant criminal organization needs to not just lose its protected status, but to be stamped out.  The mere act of practicing the Catholic religion needs to be a major crime in this country, and the tens of thousands of prison cells now occupied with hapless marijuana users need to be filled with Catholic priests.


Anonymous said...

95% of them are gay. That's why they join the priesthood so they can be around little boys. This is not Catholic behavior,this is gay behavior. Instead of "cruising" at gay bars they are cruising at the church

Magpie said...

Same-sex attraction and kiddie-tiddling are completely different.

How typical of the bonehead Right to turn the crime of one group into a slur against the people they wish to vilify as an ongoing concern.

If a gay person rapes a kid they should go to jail and be on a sex offenders list.
If a straight person rapes a kid they should go to jail and be on a sex offenders list.
If a priest rapes a kid they should go to jail and be on a sex offenders list.

What this issue is about is priests doing it as a right of occupation and a systematic perversion of the course of justice and a cover up by their tax-exempt, immensely wealthy employer.

You do the crime you do the time - whoever you are, whatever your orientation, and whoever you work for.