Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Idiots Leading the Idiots

Here's a Yahoo headline that makes me want to move to Mongolia:

"In CPAC keynote speech, Sarah Palin urges a long, competitive primary season"

First of all, how can it be that anyone in the country gives a damn about what Sarah Palin "thinks" or has to say?

But more importantly, how can anyone cover this deluded, stupid woman without saying straight out that there is one reason and one reason only that she is hoping for a  "long, competitive primary season-" that she still believes in her egomaniacal, sick heart that the party, failing to settle on a candidate, will turn to her as their savior, and annoint her to carry their banner like some modern day Joan of Arc, ushering in a glorious Christian Republic in which the whole country will bend to her will?

And why do we have to have our political discourse polluted by constant coverage of someone who doesn't give a God damned about anyone but herself, and whose accession to the Presidency would be a spectacle of horror that would make George W. Bush look like Franklin Roosevelt in comparison?

Of course, it makes no more sense that the press treat Gingrich or Santorum or Ron Paul as any more capable of being President than Sarah Palin; but then it was their belligerent refusal to discuss the grotesque incompetence of George Bush that is in large part responsible for our precipitous eight year descent from the greatest nation on earth to the pitiful, helpless giant that Richard Nixon feared we would become.  Of course, Nixon thought that would be brought about by implacable foreign enemies, not his own corrupt party.  Truth is stranger than fiction.


Jerry Critter said...

Sarah Palin giving the keynote speech shows you how far out of the mainstream CPAC is. These are the radicals of the radicals...and the stupid of the stupid.

Green Eagle said...

The stupid of the stupid. Pretty much the definition of Conservative:

Magpie said...

Green Eagle,

That article in Psychology Today was written by Satoshi Kanazawa who was fired from that publication. He's not a complete loon, but he's made some very questionable remarks based on very dubious science, much of which he has later admitted is flawed.

He's not representative of us good guys. Some of what he has written would actually be embraced by the racist elements of the secular Right.

Maybe you already know all of this... in which case I missed the irony.