Friday, February 3, 2012

Komen- Media Covers for the Right Again

Those of you who believe, as I briefly did, that the Susan G. Komen foundation was reconsidering its piggish decision to abandon Planned Parenthood in order to kiss up to right wingers need to read this post at Daily Kos.  In fact, nothing has changed at the Komen foundation except their newest attempt to crush the public reaction to their shameful conduct.

I have one reservation with the Daily Kos article, however.  It is entitled "Lazy media reports Komen Foundation decision as 'reversal.' It isn't."

In fact the mainstream media isn't displaying laziness at all.  It is simply doing what it always does: deliberately confusing the issue in order to deflect public attention from the endlessly disgusting behavior of the right.  Now, this issue can die away, and the Komen foundation can continue its betrayal of the women that it claims to be helping, without consequences.

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