Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just a Comment on Susan Komen

There is something that cannot be ignored about this squalid episode.  It did not take place in a vacuum.  After Republicans succeeded in destroying ACORN through a campaign of lies and smears, they turned their attention to Planned Parenthood, and have been using the same filthy tactics against that organization for a year now.  The actions of the Komen foundation must be seen in the light of this ongoing campaign, and  the scorched-earth tactics of the Republican party to destroy every liberal organization, one at a time.

Viewed in this light, it is impossible to see the Komen foundation's actions as anything but a vicious political manipulation, in which women's lives are to be sacrificed in order to serve the political goals of the Republican party's real base- the super rich.  Sorry, but to think otherwise is to ignore decades of Republican behavior.

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