Wednesday, February 1, 2012

But He's Been a Complete Failure on the Economy

Here's what happens when you have a Democrat in the White House:

"U.S. stocks had a big January and they're starting February strong, too.  Stocks rose more than 1 percent in afternoon trading on the first day of February. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 136 points, its biggest gain since Jan. 3. Wednesday's gains followed the stock market's best January in 15 years.

Wednesday's gains were pushed by strong manufacturing data and positive signals from Greece.
U.S. factories boosted output in January by the most in seven months, according to the Institute for Supply Management's manufacturing index. And the Commerce Department said construction spending rose 1.5 percent in December for the fifth consecutive monthly gain...ADP said private-sector employment rose by 170,000 from December to January."

That compares to the loss of 700,000 jobs a month when the last miserable President finally left the White House, a stock market and dollar whose value had been essentially cut in half, and the worst economic collapse in eighty years.  

And Obama's accomplishments took place in the face of the treasonous three year campaign by Republicans to deliberately damage the economy, for their own partisan advantage.

But don't worry...the Mainstream media will spend the next few days explaining to all of us how this is good news for the Republicans, and then we can go back to debating whether or not Obama really is a Kenyan Muslim Communist bent on destroying the United States- the issue the election will really be fought around.


Poll P. said...

There's a subtle new wind about to blow...and hopefully disperse some pluguglies.

Anonymous said...

if Obama wins in November none of this will matter to him he'll just put on his Che Guevara hat and pick up where he left off before election season.