Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tell me again, Republicans, how Obama has been so bad for business.

The stock market last peaked in the week of October 8, 2008, at 14,093.  Then, under Republican economic stewardship, the Dow fell in 17 months to 6627, 40 days into Obama's Presidency.  That is a loss of 7,466 points, or 53%.  That's right, folks, Bush and Cheney succeeded in a year and a half in destroying half the wealth of the stock market.  Then, Obama took over.  Under his control, the market has risen 96%, to over 13,000.

How in the world can such a large part of the American people still have any doubt about which party is better for this country?  Man, they are destroying us all.


Grung_e_Gene said...


Dow drops Obama's to Blame!
Dow rises, Republican Governors are doing it!

Anonymous said...

Ask the people who have no jobs an are struggling with the rising cost of everything. Now who was the guy who devalued the dollar of 3 other nations again? Not to mention made money doing it.