Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Michigan- The Real Story

I am going to take a victory lap and proclaim that absolutely no one- not the pundits, not the mainstream press, not the bloggers- except me correctly predicted what was going to happen in the Republican Michigan primary.

I predicted that Romney would use his now-perfected technique of waiting until a week or two before the primary, and then crush whatever real opponent he has with an avalanche of corporate-funded smears on radio and TV.  That is exactly what he has done, ending up right on the target of a 2-3% margin of victory, which, as I suggested, is all he needed to pay for to take the next step toward his inevitable coronation as the choice of the Republicans' real base- the hyper rich- to run for President.

Get ready, because this strategy on steroids is going to be how he campaigns against Obama.  The only bright spot in all of this is that the Republicans seem to have really bought into their fantasy of Obama as the teleprompter-addicted fumbling elitist Chardonnay swiller, and consequently have no clue about what is going to hit them when Obama gets back into campaign mode.  Anyone who saw any excerpts of Obama's appearance yesterday knows that the real Obama can break Romney in two when he decides the time has come. If I were Romney, I'd be devoting a lot of time now to coming up with an excuse to have no debates at all this fall, because I don't think even the American voters are stupid enough that they can't tell the difference between a real person and a corporate robot.


Dave Dubya said...

And there's also the fact that Michigan voters agree that the trees are the "right height".

Anonymous said...

oh but Obam has his voting base already locked down