Friday, July 29, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Here's what I've collected the last few days.  I kind of want to clear the decks in preparation for the tsunami of garbage we are going to see from the right trying to argue away the fact that the Dems beat the Republicans black and blue in their conventions.  So, like a trip to the dentist, might as well just put up with it and get it over with.  You know it's good for you.

Four years ago I posted an absolutely ludicrous Romney song by some lunatic who calls himself "Third Eagle."  Well, he's back!!  Here's his Trump song:

"Mike Pence and Donald shooting like stars!"  Well, at least they are shooting.

And now, the Fox News response to Donald Trump's treason:

Fox News:  "Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight that Trump set a trap, and the Clinton campaign fell right into it.  He explained that the Clinton campaign statement said it would be a "national security issue," which contradicts Clinton's repeated asserted that the missing 33,000 emails were all of a personal nature, not work-related.

"If that's what's really in the 33,000 emails, then there's no national security to be involved at all," Krauthammer said. "So the Clinton campaign ends up admitting that perhaps there really is work-related - if not classified - stuff on the emails which she deleted."

Because, the fact that a Presidential candidate is suborning espionage from our number one enemy wouldn't bother anyone who didn't have something to hide.  And of course:

"Krauthammer said that could be grounds for a charge of obstruction, declaring that the Clinton campaign has been caught in a "complete contradiction."

Being concerned about Trump's treachery is all the evidence we need to throw her in jail.  Get it? Trump is a traitor, so the right thing to do about it is throw Hillary in jail.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Don’t Let Liberals Destroy Fox News...With the resignation of Ailes – the merits, if any, of the claims against him will be litigated elsewhere – liberals are gleeful that this might finally be their chance to silence the one great television voice of conservatism."

You know, I haven't heard a single liberal expressing any glee over their chance to "silence" Fox news. I've heard some that are gratified to see this public demonstration of what kind of a person it takes to work for a lie factory, and who hope that more people will see what a nauseating excuse for journalism Fox news is.  But as for destroying it, well we are enjoying the spectacle of its destroying itself.

Terry Paulsen, Town Hall:  "Some police may have harbored racist beliefs that helped fuel unjustified use of force with innocent black civilians. Racism remains, but harping on the past and the few officers who live out their bias cannot be the answer. Most Americans detest racism of any color from police and citizens alike."

No more harping on the past, Liberals, even if the past was yesterday or the day before, or tomorrow, God knows.  As soon as one of the "few" officers who enjoys victimizing black people does what he does, it is past, and so we should just forget about it.  Time to let Charlie Manson out of prison, then.

Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "First Thoughts on Rebuilding Conservatism...How do we come back from the Trump takeover?"

Well, here's a thought:  How about admitting that you have been lying about everything the last several decades, and facing the fact that your incitement of racism and hatred has to stop if you want this country to survive?

Leon H. Wolf, PJ Media:  "CHAOS: Bernie Delegates Plan to Block Kaine Nomination, Disrupt Democrat Convention"
Didn't happen, but boy the Republicans were desperate to see the Democrats screw up their convention even a tenth as badly as the Republican one went.  Sorry, guys, guess you didn't pray hard enough to your miserable hate-filled right wing God.

Kyle Foley, PJ Media:  "#DNCLeak: DNC Sides With Trump, Asks if TED CRUZ’s Dad Assassinated JFK"

Sorry, this was just a complete lie.  One member of the DNC asked about Cruz's father's history working with Castro.  He said nothing about him being involved in the JFK assassination, and the DNC never did a thing about it.

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Ted Cruz arrogance - bitterness and judgment just ended his political aspirations"

Hey Laurie, maybe you guys should have noticed his "arrogance - bitterness and judgment " several years ago, before he made the fatal sin of suggesting Republicans vote their consciences?  No, that was a step too far, as it forced most Republicans to look up the word "conscience" in the dictionary, to see what it might mean.

Tom DeWeese, Renew America:  "The federal government has decided that people who have worked, saved and planned so they can buy homes in nice, safe neighborhoods of their own choosing, are racists. They charge that it is a "social injustice." The government now claims that it's unfair unless everyone can have the same, whether they earn it or not. And it doesn't matter whether they can afford such a home. We're told that it's racist to deny someone an equal home, just because they don't have the money for it. White privilege, don't you know."

Everyone has to live in exactly the same sort of house.  Believe that one?  They really are taking leave of their senses, as they realize how malicious their lies are going to have to be to have any chance of convincing people that Trump is the best choice for President.

Andrew McCarthy, Renew America:  "It's not my party"

And you'll cry whether you want to or not.  Anyway, it damned well is your party.  You spent four decades building your hate filled, racist base, and we are not going to let you just walk away from it and play innocent little Miss Muffet.

Paul Bremmer, World Net Daily:  "Blacks are now Democrats' happy house slaves"

Okay then, just so you know.

“Today you find the African-American community saying, ‘Why should I go to people that are going to make me self-reliant when I can just stay here in the Democrat Party and they will reward me for doing nothing?'” 

And I am sure that there is so much evidence to back that up.  "Self-reliant," by the way, being Republican talk for "Take everything away from the n*****s, and let them starve to death in the streets, while our gestapo guns them down at will if they complain."

As if you didn't know that.

Kayleigh McEnany, Daily Caller:  "DNC Leaks: Proof Democrats Manipulate Voters With Religion, Race"

Something the Republicans would never stoop to.

Scott Greer, Daily Caller:  "Trump Is Ushering In A New Political Force...Nationalism looks to live on after The Donald's campaign"

Well, maybe new to this country.  Not to, say, Germany.

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller:  "Socialists And Communists Gather At Democratic Convention"

Grow up, Alex, and start worrying about the Nazis at your own convention.

Christine Rouselle, Town Hall:  "Man, People Are Really Starting To Hate Hillary's Campaign Anthem"

Boy, they've got us now.  That's so much more important than Trump collaborating with a foreign dictator.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Analysis: Folksy, Impeached President Endorses Scandal-Plagued, Disliked Wife"

Yeah, that's what we all took away from it.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "The DNC’s Leaked Emails Show They Were Helping Push Narrative Against NC’s Bathroom Law, Too"

Because it is a gross crime for a political party to stand up for what they believe in.  Well, at least if one of the parties does it.  Actually, now that I think of it, the other party doesn't really do that either.  They just stand up for what they get paid to stand up for.

Stephen Cruiser, PJ Media:  "Boxer Trots Out Tired 'Back Alley Abortions' Nonsense at DNC"

Tired.  True, but tired.  So, shut up, Barbara.

Michael Ledeen, PJ Media:  "Who's Hillary's Hacker and Why?  You sure it was the Russians? Ever see a false flag?"

More lies from one of the biggest foreign policy liars of the last several decades; once the confidante of our nation's leaders, now reduced to making a living writing for one of the worst right wing lie factories on the internet.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Hah! Donald Trump Urges Russia to Release More Hacked Hillary Emails During Presser"

Treason, hell yes!  Treason is patriotism!  Hooah!

Alan Keyes, Renew America:  "If you reject Trump, will you elect Hillary? Bible says no"

Well, glad we got that settled.

Brian C. Joondeph, Amereican Thinker:  "Trump's Speech: Optimistic, Not Dark"

This just in:  Hitler calls for world peace.  And now, a helpful bit of advice for Democrats:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Democratic Delegate: Stop Shouting USA, 'That's A Trump Chant'

Chanting USA is reserved for traitors from now on.  This was allegedly overheard by a Fox news reporter.  So it must be true, huh?

Larry Elder, Town Hall:  "Racist, Anti-Semitic DNC Opens Convention by Denouncing Trump's 'Bigotry'

Another sage observation from one of the Republicans' favorite house negroes.

Justin Holcomb, Town Hall:  "Russia Disrespects Obama Once Again, Joins Chinese Navy in South China Sea for Joint Training"

Two countries that share a long border, working together on mutual security:  It's all about disrespecting Obama.

Streiff, Red State:  "Will Someone Please Buy FBI Director James Comey A Freakin Clue?"

Okay, Green Eagle will take the job:  James, don't you understand that, no matter how much of a hero you are to the right, if you do one honest thing in your life, they will spend years trying to destroy you? I hope that satisfies you, Streiff.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Trump’s Dumb Remarks About Russia Were Part Of His Intentional Campaign Plan"

Seven dimensional chess, that's what he's playing.  Treason is just part of the plan.  Well, that's comforting.

Sara Gonzales, Red State:  "Trump: I was Being “Sarcastic” About a Foreign Government Committing Espionage Against America"

Dahmer:  So I was hungry after I got done killing those boys.  What's the big deal?

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "Giuliani: Hillary’s Deleted Emails ‘Can Be Used to Extort Her’

Of course, that's only if there is anything bad in them, which given the evidence so far, is as likely as Harry Potter turning out to be a real person.

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Who Is Putin's Real Ally?"

Thoughtfully illustrated with the following picture, in case you needed a hint about where Roger is going here:

So just shut up about Trump's real, literal treason, because Roger has come up with this wonderful photoshop job.  And in case you are wondering about Roger's reasoning, here it is:  There are some guys that own a Canadian mining company.  These guys (totally legally) sold some uranium mines to the Russians.  And some of these same guys MADE A CONTRIBUTION TO THE CLINTONS' CHARITY!!!!!  That apparently makes Hillary a collaborator with Putin.  On the other hand, Trump using Russian espionage in his campaign and then promising not to defend Europe if Russia invades it- well, that's just politics as usual, and just fine if you are a Republican.

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Bill Clinton's Sad, Surreal Speech...I can't be the only one who was thinking about Hillary's husband's serial adulteries."

No, Roger, I'm sure you weren't.  There are plenty of sex-obsessed assholes out there.  The rest of us, well, we can get our minds off of our penises long enough to spend a minute or two thinking about the future of the country.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "WOW! PROTESTERS BREAK THROUGH DNC BORDER FENCE – Throw Coffin at Police"

Keep your eyes on the important stuff, Jim.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Red Francis Still Clueless About ISIS"

That would be "Pope" Francis to the rest of us.  I guess "Red Francis" is like Lying Hillary, or Tinkerbelle- if you keep repeating it often enough, it will come true.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "Hillary and race baiters will be held to account"

By whom, Larry?  By the seventy or so people who showed up at your last two attempts to drive Obama out of the White House by the will of the people?

Jack Cashill, World Net Daily:  "How you get to speak at the DNC"

Well, one way is to be a current or former President of the United States.  That accounts for three speaker slots.  What happened to the Republicans' former Presidents?  I guess they were all out fishing, or washing their hair.

World Net Daily:  "The ugly history of Democratic suppression of…"

Sorry, you had to click on a link to see any more.  Couldn't be bothered.

Jack Hellner, American Thinker:  "Why should I believe what Bill said about Hillary at the DNC?"

Yeah, what does he know about her?  And while we are on the subject, why should we care what you claim to believe, Jack, seeing as how you are a paid liar and all?

Saagar Enjeti, Daily Caller:  "Defeating ISIS Will Only Make It ’10 Times’ More Dangerous"

You see, as it becomes clearer all the time that the coalition including the United States is destroying ISIS, it is now necessary to explain that defeating it is actually a tremendous disaster for us.  It is far easier for Republicans to believe that a dead crocodile is more dangerous than a live one, than it is for them to accept that Obama is doing something right.

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller:  "US flags disappear from atop Philadelphia City Hall as they are added to Democratic Stage"

The Democrats stole them, I guess.  The bastards.

And in closing, forty years watching this sort of thing, and I still can't understand how people who are essentially traitors to this country can wake up every morning and churn these lies out, without, apparently, a second of remorse.  These people are evil- very banal evil, but they are doing everything they can to promote evil in the world, and we would do well not to forget that fact.  I try to present these things as humor, because otherwise neither you nor I could take it for very long, but in the end, they are not funny, they are despicable acts of betrayal, not just of our country, but of everything that decent people are supposed to embrace.


Poll P. said...

"Trump KNows the Way". Jesus wept.

Green Eagle said...

We're all going to be weeping if the press does not do its job and this guy wins.

FNZ-795 said...

After hearing "Trump Knows the Way," I thought it was a pity that Jim Nayder's dead. He could have used that for "The Annoying Music Show."

So here's a reward for getting through this. On this day 100 years ago, July 29, 1916, electric guitarist and jazz legend Charlie Christian was born. This link will take you to five selections featuring Christian, followed by four featuring Dizzy Gillespie.

In sadder news, Fred Tomlinson died earlier today. He was one of the three co-composers of this famous song. Some of the Mounties in the video are members of the Fred Tomlinson singers.

And now, for something completely different, here's the Lumberjack Song in German.

--F.N. Zimmermann

Green Eagle said...

Thanks for that. I'm a great admirer of Charlie Christian. It's a shame that virtually all of the recorded work left from his brief life came from when he played with Benny Goodman. Nothing wrong with Goodman, but it would have been wonderful to have more of his playing with his peers, particularly T-Bone Walker.

For those who do not know this, Christian and Walker met on the streets of Oklahoma City after Walker moved there from Texas, and played together regularly for a year. It was the very earliest days of amplified music, and I think it may be fairly said that, between the two of them, they invented lead guitar playing, indelibly setting popular music, blues and jazz on the path they have followed ever since.

pwlsax said...

I know these people. They believe their fear makes them strong, and so they believe their lies are tough and smart and as good as true. And they want every American to feel their fear and believe their lies. It will make us - so they tell themselves - a strong, tough, smart nation.