Saturday, July 30, 2016

Three More Reality-Based Court Decisions on Vote Suppression

Three more courts have ruled strongly in favor of what we all know to be true-throwing out the Republican vote suppression bills in three more States.  Let me again say what I have said before on recent occasions like this:  There is not a single informed person of any political stripe that did not know that these laws were not intended to protect us from voter fraud, an essentially nonexistent phenomenon, but were intended to prevent Democrats from voting.  It is a sign of the malignant power that the corrupt intellectual bully Antonin Scalia held over the entire nation's jucidiary, that the fear of being overturned by the Supreme Court, and in a humiliating, insulting decision, caused them to leave this patent lawbreaking alone.

With the court split 4-4, we can already see the amazing progress that has been made in restoring some shred of decency to our judicial system.  We should all observe this and realize the stakes involved in deciding whether Hillary or Trump gets to pick the next couple of Supreme Court justices.

And it is not only on these voter suppression laws that courts need to act.  We all know that corporations are not people; no one dared stand up to this ruling for fear of the wrath of the worst judicial tyrant in memory; and the same can be said about climate laws, Obamacare and a host of other issues.

The very top of our judiciary has been infested with corrupt Republican Justices for decades now.  Hillary will absolutely put a stop to this; Trump will see to it that it continues for decades longer.

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