Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guilty! GUILTY!!! She's GUILTY, I tell you!

So, it is inevitable that, no wonder what the FBI announced at the end of their monumental investigation of Hillary's e-mails, the Republicans, who have confidently been predicting for a year now, that she was about to be thrown in prison, or maybe even gunned down on the street like John Dillinger, would portray the results as some sort of scathing indictment which absolutely disqualifies her from being President.  And here we go...

First, let's get it clear what it was that she actually did that was wrong.  Five years ago, she had a server installed in her house that wasn't one hundred percent up to today's standards of security.  Let's forget that no one's server from five years ago would meet today's security standards, or that she was doing exactly the same thing that previous (Republican) secretaries of state had done without a word of complaint.  SHE DIDN'T SET UP HER COMPUTER SYSTEM RIGHT!!!  She's unfit to be President, because a real President would know everything there is to know about network security.

Let's get this straight:  Hillary is not auditioning for a job as White House IT guy.  The notion that she committed some sort of grossly criminal act by not being at the cutting edge of internet security disqualifies her from being President, is nonsense.  And would we even want the Secretary of State spending half her time dealing with computer issues, instead of foreign affairs?  The whole thing is preposterous on its face, and always was, except that the "mainstream press" has allowed Republican liars in front of the nation over and over again, to bleat out their synthetic outrage, and has then carefully considered whether the whole ridiculous issue needs to be aired over and over again.

So, much to the Republicans' disappointment, the FBI, a hard right wing organization which, let me note, has a history back to its very beginning of using its power to persecute liberals, couldn't bring itself to even suggest that she had committed a criminal offense.  But they did criticize her knowledge of internet security.  That is all they got out of the whole sickening thing, but that is all the Republicans have to run with.  And they figure they'd better get out there plenty damned fast and tell their lying story over and over again.

So that's what they are doing.  It's only day one of their latest imploded scandal, and they are everywhere, but so is Green Eagle.  And where better to start?

Sarah Palin,   "Today’s FBI forgiveness of tyrants’ illegal acts illustrate purpose in why I insist Americans rise up and tear down this tyrannical system that is destroying America from within. Truly, you’re either with us or you’re against us."

Huh?  Oh, I see.  They didn't get what they want, so the patriots need to destroy the country.  Well, they're working on it, you've got to give them that.

And Donald himself:  "because of our rigged system that holds the American people to one standard and people like Hillary Clinton to another, it does not look like she will be facing the criminal charges that she deserves."

According to him.  Not according to the FBI.  But who knows more? And more Trump:

"She said today that we may consider the attorney general to go forward," Trump told a rally in Raleigh, N.C. "That's like a bribe, isn't it?  Isn't it sort of a bribe? I think it's a bribe.  If she wins, she's going to consider extending the attorney general," the presumptive Republican nominee said. "I'm not knocking the attorney general. What I'm saying is how can you say that? It's a bribe.  It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace."

According to distinguished legal scholar Donald Trump.

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things...But my primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff."

Well, that settles that, I guess.

And let's have some more hearings!

Greg Richter, Newsmax:  "House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah,  said Tuesday he may call FBI Director James Comey to testify before his committee after his announcement earlier in the day that he would not recommend prosecution of former secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

How long do you think they could drag that out?  A year?  Hillary's whole term? Screaming as they go that Hillary has no right to appoint any Federal judges as long as she's under "congressional investigation, I'm sure."

Leon H. Wolff, Red State:  "FBI Director James Comey Confirmed that Everything Republicans Have Been Saying about Hillary’s Email is True"

Everything except, well, everything.

Streiff, Red State:  "Shorter FBI Director James Comey Presser: LOLOLOL. Nothing Matters.  To call the press conference by FBI Director James Comey surreal is an exercise in understatement."

Because she is GUILTY, I tell you, because THAT'S WHAT WE WANT!!!!!  So anyone who tells the truth is being surreal.  And if the FBI disagrees with us, they are bad guys too.

Leon H. Wolff, Red State:  "In an astounding news conference just now, FBI Director James Comey laid out several ways in which Hillary Clinton admittedly broke the law, was reckless with classified information, and almost definitely allowed her private email account to be hacked. However, at the end of the day, Comey stated that the FBI was recommending that no charges be filed against Secretary Clinton."

Well, a very fair summary, except that Comey said she did not break the law, that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her, and there was absolutely no evidence that her e-mail had been hacked. Except for that, good job, Leon.  Keep up your patriotic defense of the country.

Leon H. Wolff, Red State:  "BREAKING: FBI Director – FBI is Referring the Clinton Investigation to DOJ for a “Prosecutive Decision.” 

No mention of the fact that he said that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her.  This comment is a set-up for Leon and his friends to claim that Lynch is corrupt when she follows the FBI recommendation.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "TRUMP UNLOADS: “FBI Said Crooked Hillary Compromised National Security. No charges. Wow!"  FBI Director James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton of criminal prosecution in the investigation of her email scandal on Tuesday.    Donald Trump’s rally tonight in North Carolina ought to be exciting!"

Yeah, I'll bet.  Almost as exciting as the Beer Hall Putsch.  Or maybe a Nickelback concert.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "The Day the Rule of Law Died...A "sloppy" Hillary Clinton skates on prosecutorial discretion."

Because the FBI have always been such left wingers, so of course they are in the tank for Hillary.  And we all know that being "sloppy" is an indictable offense.  If you're a Democrat.  If you're a Republican, screwing teenage boys under your supervision is fine, of course, but being "sloppy?"  Off with her head!

Patrick Howley, Breitbart:  "The Fix Is In!  FBI: No Charges"

Crooks!  Crooks, I tell you!

Daily Caller:  "Breaking News...Ryan: 'Damage Is Being Done To The Rule Of Law'

By not charging an innocent person with a crime, when charges would help Republicans get out of the abominable position they have spent four decades creating.  I mean, isn't that what the rule of law is for?  Keeping the Republican party from being driven into well-earned oblivion?

Allahpundit, Hot Air:  "Rudy Giuliani: By Jim Comey’s own description, Hillary is guilty of a federal crime"

Of course, Jim Comey said differently, but who knows more about what Jim Comey means, Jim Comey or 9-11 Rudy?

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "So the Hillary Indictment Will Have to Come From Us"

Get the tar and feathers ready, boys!  And don't forget your muskets! There's Justice out there to protect!

And on and on it goes.  Newsmax alone has sixteen stories up today attacking the FBI action, and it's only been a few hours.  Of course, we know that most of these were prepared in advance, because the Republicans knew damned well that their predictions of an indictment were nonsense, and they are now firing off these stories like cannons at the battle of the Marne, in a massive attempt to blast away the truth with lies.


Magpie said...

Yesterday I intervened in the nick of time just as my wife was about to do something unwise online. She is neither negligent nor a fool. She saves lives on daily basis and has vast technical knowledge that does not encompass IT.

Online security is just not her forte. Like cooking is not my forte.

Of course the malignant Right feels Hillary's information security skills are, um..., what was Valerie Plame’s phrase for it? ‘Fair game’?

Green Eagle said...

And they get away with it, because the corporate press in the United States is treating this (as usual) absolutely nonexistent scandal as far more important than Trump's open anti-Semitism, or his public praise of Saddam Hussein for using violence to silence his opponents.

Jerry Critter said...

The server in anyone's basement is probably more secure than the state department servers, especially when you factor in the number of people who,are trying to hack into it.

All of this just shows how desperate the republicans are. They have no policy. They have no,plans. They have no programs. They have no successes. They have done nothing to run on.

Green Eagle said...

They have nothing to run on, but they do have the mainstream press, which has decided that the (as usual) unexplainable abomination that Hillary committed with her e-mails is far, far more serious a threat than the fact that the Republican candidate is an open white supremacist.

Marc said...

How computers work is magic to many people.

Throw in some term like 'server', 'secure', or 'private' in conjunction to it and eyes glaze over.

Saying Secretary Clinton did something improper must mean she used Bad Magic, thus it proves she is a witch!

I stated elsewhere that script kiddies cut their teeth on government servers.

Having a private email server probably made the material on it more secure than if it had been on a State machine.

But facts and evidence from an investigation don't matter when you're dealing with the frothing mob wanting to burn the witch.

As long as they have some cover for their actions, they'll burn a whole forest of 'witches'.