Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This highly amusing story is making the rounds lately:

"A federal judge who has been a target of Donald Trump’s unending scorn must decide whether to release videos of the presumed Republican presidential nominee testifying in a lawsuit about the now-defunct Trump University — images that Trump’s attorneys worry will be used to tarnish the campaign."

Images of Trump actually speaking under oath would tarnish his campaign.  And that's a reason to not let us see them.  An interesting admission.

Meanwhile, BENGHAZI!!!   E-MAILS!!!

“The near certainty that the video depositions would be used for political purposes — having nothing to do with the merits of this litigation — only underscores the court’s duty to prevent misuse of these judicial proceedings,” Trump’s attorneys wrote."

Republicans, being the fair people they are, would never use footage of Hillary testifying, say, at some disgusting Republican Congressional witch hunt, to attack her, or resort to false and deceptively edited video footage to slander, say, Planned Parenthood.  They are too fair for that, and too concerned to see that the election does not descend into a circus.

"Trump’s tone, facial expressions, gestures and body language show “complete and utter unfamiliarity” with Trump University’s instructors and instruction, despite the business mogul’s previous statements that he was extensively involved...attorneys wrote. They said Trump also made “many spontaneous and ad hominem remarks that are not reflected in the paper transcript of his depositions.”

Sounds delightful to me.  


Marc said...

I just wonder how carefully scripted the convention is going to be - if he goes off script, this may be the dumpster fire of the century.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Without a doubt this will not tarnish Trump, in his supporters eyes. Trump had given them what they want naked angry racism out right bogotry free of dog whistles. Anything coveted by the mefia will be ignored and will strengthen their resolve. In a sane, first world nation the thousands of hours of Trump media coverage would disqualify him but alas this is America...

Green Eagle said...

Sad but true.

Green Eagle said...

And Marc, who is to say that a dumpster fire would not be better than the Republican convention. Poor Cleveland- even what should be a great national honor turns out to be a gigantic humiliation for them. Oh well, at least the Cavs won, and the Tribe is having a great year, so the summer won't be a total waste for them.