Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The only campaign against Donald Trump, which should be repeated by every Democrat over and over again between now and November:

Donald Trump currently has over $600 million in debts, compared to about $170 million in liquid assets.  After his ability to borrow money from American banks was severely curtailed by his four bankruptcies, he had to go overseas.  He borrowed a fair amount from the Germans, but also a great deal from Russians, which means rich oligarchs aligned with Vladimir Putin.  If these Russians call in his debts, his entire empire will crumble away to nothing, in a fifth disastrous bankruptcy.

Suddenly, Julian Assange has released thousands of e-mails that are being reported as damaging to Democrats.  Remember that Assange lives in Russia, where he could be ejected at any moment, to face long prison terms in other countries, so Assange is under threat, and no one could  want to be under threat from Putin.

There is virtually no question that these e-mails were stolen by Russian state security agents, who hacked into Democratic servers.  They have now been delivered to Trump, via Assange, for him to use in his campaign, which he is thrilled to do.

In return, the absurdly self-named "greatest negotiator on earth" has now stated and today restated that he is willing to walk away from the United States' most sacred treaty commitment, to protect the other members of NATO if they are attacked.  Trump states that, unless European members of NATO pay the United States unspecified amounts of money, we will not come to their defense.  Of course, President Trump could make the amount so great that no nation could pay it, and then blame them for our treachery.  This is nothing but extortion, and under the worst possible circumstances.

Trump has improvidently fallen into debt and then, like the victim of a loan shark in some film noir movie, is being forced to do the criminal's bidding.  To be blunt, he is a traitor, enslaved by a hostile foreign dictator.

And this is who the Republicans want as their President.

Let me repeat this:  I am not throwing around the word "traitor" the way Republicans do every day at Obama, Hillary and anyone else they are mad at.  I am saying this entirely seriously:  This is a man who is prepared to destroy the rule of law and betray this country and its allies, and allow Russia to seize untold territory in Europe, undoubtedly precipitating the greatest war since World War II, in order to save himself from financial humiliation. He is a traitor.  And this must form the basis for the campaign against him.  Half truths will not do any more- we must state the whole truth, and stick to it.


Donald J. Trump:  "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing."

Well, it's a couple of days later, and I think we can drop any pretext about what Trump is up to.  In a press conference today, Trump called on the Russians to hack into State Department files to release more e-mails which he alleges to exist.  That is, he has called on a hostile foreign government to commit espionage against the United States.  At this point, this act of treachery seems to be one hundred percent fine with Republicans across the country.  Trump is an open traitor at this point, and the self-styled patriots who support him are hardly any better.  Can our country have really gone this far off the rails that this is acceptable to one of our main political parties?

And let me reiterate what is at stake here.  This is not some minor ideological dispute.  Trump is openly promising not to intervene if the Russians invade Europe, starting a massive war.  He is just fine with that.  And not one single Republican leader that I know of has really repudiated him.

The country has had plenty of bad Presidential candidates over the years, and some of them have sadly been elected (remember that last Bush guy,) but never have we been faced with the prospect of a traitorous, power mad and openly insane person with a real chance to get into the White House.  This country has never really faced a crisis like this.  Can the Republicans and the mainstream press sweep this under the rug?  We'll wait and see.


Jerry Critter said...

Trump is who he is. He is not the problem. The problem is the American people who support him.

Green Eagle said...

Well, that is how I have always felt about Hitler, who was in the end a very uninteresting man. The whole interest in him is how things fell together so perfectly that the most educated country on earth fell for him. However, we have an immediate problem here, which is to crush Trump before he crushes us. He must be unmasked as the malignant figure that he is, in the hopes that enough people will see the truth that he will be strongly defeated. And a victory of three or four points will accomplish nothing, since we will then see exactly what we have seen the last eight years: Hillary is not the legitimate President, she cheated her way into the White House, and therefore the Republicans need to absolutely destroy her ability to enact any part of her mandated agenda. And this time, I will not be surprised if, should the Senate remain in Republican hands, there is a refusal to consent to a single judicial appointment she makes, including a four year stall on replacing Scalia on the court, as well as numerous Ted Cruz style shutdowns of the government, until Americans begin to see such behavior as normal.

So, this time around, a weak, polite Democratic opposition to Trump is just not enough. He must be treated like the crooked, hate filled, racist, narcissistic con man that he is, and one who is taking orders from what is potentially our biggest enemy.

Magpie said...

I do not believe Putin admires Trump in any clear-minded sense, rather he knows Clinton cannot be manipulated the way Trump can be.

Whether Putin knew anything at all or whether it was a non-state operator in Russia it amounts to the same thing... America would be hideously weaker under a buffoon like Trump. There are people who would like that.

And there are Russians who have not forgiven the expansion of NATO east during the '90s. Remember the '90s... that halcyon time before 9/11 happened under a don't-give-a-fuck Bush, New Orleans drowned and the economy went to hell?
That was a nice decade in a lot of ways.

But the Russians would remember US warplanes over the Balkans.
And don't forget huge swaths of the Russian economy is run by the mob and that mob is active in the US and would get further with a bit of buffoonery. It would be great business.

joseph said...

Assange is living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Snowden is in Russia. By the way, it is my understanding that Snowden is a Republican who stole documents to hurt Democrats, the country be damned. Typical Republican. I believe you are correct about Trump and Russia, but I would appreciate some links to primary sources.

Green Eagle said...

Joseph: You're right. I got my leakers mixed up.

Magpie: Of course Putin doesn't have a shred of respect for Trump. He knows Trump is a loudmouthed bully but he also knows that he owns him if Trump takes his help to get elected, and he is correct in thinking that he could stomp Trump into the ground without hardly trying, which he could never do with Hillary. The only thing that is at all interesting in all of this is that so many Americans seem to be buying into it, as Jerry pointed out above.

Grung_e_Gene said...

What a Country!!! Trump's in bed with Putin as well as his daughter. Heh heh heh heh! First we had Moscow on the Hudson and now we will have Moscow on Pennslyvannia Ave! What a Country!!!