Sunday, July 24, 2016


I think that finally locking up the Republican nomination has driven Trump from an ugly egotism to a truly pathological megalomania.

If you ever saw Citizen Kane, you may remember this, which is the most famous image from the film, and represents the delusional state that Kane had fallen into as his power grew:

Well, count on Trump to bring it to life, and do it one better:
Is this what party politics is supposed to be about, a chance for one person to indulge himself in a massive fit of substanceless self-promotion?

Trump released a thirty second commercial on Twitter yesterday.  My computer knowledge is not great enough to link to it here, but I suggest you look at it at Little Green Footballs, where I found it.  There is not a word of speaking in the sound track, just some ominous music over pictures of him speaking at the Republican convention, and audience reaction shots.  Supered over this is the following text:




He doesn't have time to spend a second about who he is or what he believes in, or even in slandering his opponent.  No, this is just a sick self-congratulatory rant, before the entire country, about how wonderful he is and about how everyone thinks he is the greatest thing that ever happened to this
country.  As if, by the way, there is anyone oblivious enough to think that the applause at a candidate's acceptance speech is totally spontaneous, and not just part of the show.

You see, Trump cares about nothing but stroking his monstrously sick ego.  He doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself, and doesn't think about anything but how to make people cower and accept their roles as walkons in his spectacular, self-aggrandizing show.  The rest of us be damned, and what a wonderful thing that would be for the country if he becomes President, huh?

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