Monday, July 25, 2016


Real treason?  Not the phony kind that Republicans are always raving about, but real, Reagan style treason?  I guess it depends about what counts as an enemy when the Constitution talks about adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

So, here is what we know today:  Trump has committed himself to abandoning the United States' long standing treaty obligations to defend NATO countries against attack by Russia, and in return, the Russian dictator has had his people hack into Democratic party e-mails and release embarrassing information, right before the Democratic convention.

This is, at best, skating right up to the edge of treason, and depending on how you feel about what Putin is up to, real honest to God treason.

But the press, which has made a years-long story about two innocuous e-mails from Hillary Clinton, until a large number of Americans think she belongs in prison, will not care about this story.

You see, both sides do not do it.  If it's bad, only Democrats do it, even if it's only sending a perfunctory e-mail to Kofi Annan.  From Iran-Contra to the Iraq aggression and Cheney's outing of Valerie Plame, to Republican Senators conspiring with another country to destroy the administration's ability to conduct foreign affairs, to this latest outrage, sedition or even treason is just fine if a Republican does it.

And that is why we are not going to have a country much longer.  If the press and the Republicans (and a foreign dictator,) working together as usual, fail to elect Trump, the Republicans will only start the next day to undermine the Democratic Presidency, and four years from now, they will undoubtedly produce an even worse traitor to offer the country.

I need only add to this that the World's Greatest Negotiator gave away the United States' sacred treaty obligations, and the safety of Europe, and in return got a few semi-embarrassing e-mails.  Even the weak Obama would have probably gotten a few bottles of vodka in the deal.


Jerry Critter said...

I don't think th DNC emails are a big deal at all. I mean, really, Sanders is not even a democrat even though he is running as a democrat. He is an independent. He was elected senator as an independent. Of course the DNC would prefer a democrat over an independent. Duh!

Green Eagle said...

I've been making this point for some time now. One job of the DNC is to see to it that the Democratic party nominates people that are true Democrats. Bernie is not a Democrat and has no real loyalty to the party. This is like the issue of the superdelegates. Superdelegates are long time party loyalists and it is crazy to think they would prefer an outsider to someone who has solid party credentials. Sad to say, the Berniebots are practically all strangers to political activity, and are detached from reality.

I hear they booed Nancy Pelosi today, and even booed Bernie himself when he said to vote for Hillary. They don't have a clue about how things work, and they are acting on the basis of groundless self-righteousness combined with small minded petulance. They need to be smacked down.

Marc said...

Per my prior comment, folks have an idea of how things work, without actual knowledge of how they work. You put gas in the tank, turn the key, and the car starts - the rest is magic! Can't be bothered with the nuts and bolts details of the process, or reason of why when the key is turned the car sometimes doesn't start, even if there is a full tank of gas. Same thing with politics, or maybe it's even worse. That 'We The People' stuff is just for a bunch of communists - most American voters don't want to understand the messy process of democracy, and prefer a more streamlined version of which they think democracy works.

As long as the Clinton campaign acts like the adults in the room, compared to the protesters, it will be seen that they actually are the adults in the room. Yes, the emails are a bit embarrassing, but email is not vetted like letters and official correspondence were back in the day. Maybe the campaign (and the DNC) will now have some guidelines out for proper etiquette for all communications; write it as if it may appear on the five o'clock news, and make sure when you hit 'send' that you aren't going to have to explain to you supervisor what you were thinking when you wrote it.

Just a bit more than 3 months for the campaign to go without stepping on its own feet. Let Trump be Trump, and point out who has the experience and knowledge to actually govern (vs rule), and the image of who should be in the White House will be hard to figure out. Of course the media will still want their horse race, but it will be all style (bothsiderism) versus substance.

Ed said...

When I saw the title, I thought this piece was going to be about Deborah Wasserman Schultz.

Iden Hill said...

At least the car will get you somewhere. The Democrats really need to work on getting us somewhere. First of all by getting elected. The 50 state strategy worked well for one cycle, but the DNC realized it put to much power back in people's hands. I miss Howard Dean and was pleased to see him recreate the 'scream' last night.

Green Eagle said...

Ed, I told you that I meant real treason here, not infantile Republican misuse of the term.