Thursday, July 28, 2016

Donald Sweetens the Deal

And now, Donald Trump is offering Vladimir Putin more in return for Russian espionage on his behalf:

"Trump to look at recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, lifting sanctions...The United States, along with the EU, has refused to recognize the annexation"

So, here is how the deal between Trump and the Russian dictator now stands:

Trump got:  the product of Russian spying on the United States, which caused a momentary, minor embarrassment to his opponent in the Presidential race.

Trump gave up:  The security of Europe, our nation's word about its foreign commitments, the Constitutional guarantee that treaties will be honored, and now the independence of an area the Russians invaded, and the freedom of its people.

Does anyone see this as the work of the World's Greatest Negotiator?  There has never been a greater sham in the history of American politics, and man, that is saying something.


Jerry Critter said...

Given that about 40% of the electorate support Trump, I would call Trump the world's greatest illusionist. He is able to fool 40% of the people all of the time. Or perhaps 40% of the American electorate are stupid 100% of the time. Take your pick.

Green Eagle said...

Or 40% of the American people are willing to fool themselves, to a self-destructive degree that we would have never thought possible.

Ahab said...

He's not a negotiator; he's a buffoon. If Trump made it to the White House, Putin would play him like a fiddle.