Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Up is Down

And black is white, right is wrong and, well, you get where I am going.

Here is the Trump campaign's response to the third day of the Democratic convention, and hold on tight- it's a bumpy ride falling into a black hole:

"Tonight was a sad night for the Democratic Party. They offered no solutions for the problems facing America - in fact, they pretended those problems didn't even exist."

Those problems, of course, being too many black and brown people, with way too easy lives, a problem which the Democrats certainly do not acknowledge.

"They described a vision of America that doesn't exist for most Americans, including the seventy percent of Americans who think our country is on the wrong track. Never has a party been so disconnected from what is happening in our world."

"Instead of dealing with reality, they spoke in cheap, petty terms beneath the dignity of a convention."

Did you hear that from the Democrats, or did you, maybe, hear that exact thing last week from the Republicans, cursing Hillary and calling her Satanic and demanding that she be sent to prison?

"Their entire message could be summed up as: things are perfect, let's not change a single thing."

Really?  Free college education, more medical care, prison reform and an ever more respected foreign policy are not changes, I guess.  Well, that comment was just a setup for the following preposterous blaming of Democrats for their own failings:

"So they resorted to the politics of fear,"

The politics of fear.  Something the Republicans, and particularly Trump, would never resort to, I guess..  And if this seems strange to you, let me explain.  For a couple of decades now, whenever the Republicans have resorted to low, dirty dealing with the American people, they have systematically screamed that the Democrats are doing the same thing.  This is an attempt to give the press the excuse they are always looking for to portray the evil behavior of the Republican party as something indulged in by both parties- a strategy that has worked amazingly well for them, and will continue to do so as long as the press is in the tank for their Republican owners.

"trying to convince Americans not to vote for change -- they spoke on behalf of the big banks and the big elites, not on behalf of suffering Americans. They want to keep the system rigged for their donors. Period."

Did you hear any of that on Wednesday?  Did you notice that the Democrats had not a word to say about suffering Americans?  Did you ever notice that it is the Republican party that is owned by their rich donors and has done nothing for a hundred years that does not benefit them?  And in the meantime, the Democrats have brought us Social Security, deposit insurance, civil rights legislation, environmental protection and now health care for twenty million more Americans, with the Republicans fighting them every step of the way.  The Republicans, of course, brought us Citizens United and a near depression brought on by revoking Democratic regulations on rich investors.

"Rigged trade deals, a rigged economy, and open borders that benefit the few at the expense of the many."

More bullshit.  Right now, I've had about enough explaining.

"Our campaign offers a bold, exciting, detailed vision for the future. Tonight, the Democrats' offered only more rewards for the rich, powerful and well-connected, and more angry, demeaning, sniping attacks against all decent Americans who want change for their families."

It is Trump and the Republicans that offer massive tax cuts for the rich, and equally massive destruction of Social Security, Medicare, and every other thing on earth that benefits anyone but the rich.  Every one of us knows that perfectly well, but here's the thing:  For every person who actually watched the Democratic convention (or the Republican one, or the debates that will come) a hundred hear about them via these Republican lies.  And a certain number of them- the same ones that believe that Hillary is a corrupt liar and that Trump is a great businessman, not a cheap criminal, will eat these lies up.


ez said...

Trump might wish to commit this to memory before they next speak...

"Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others."

Just another item to add to the list of distortions that make up that candidate and that campaign.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The right is so deep into the con that they can't come up for air, and in fact will just keep pushing through until they can see Russia from their house.

Trump is the antithesis of every so-called conservative principle and has laid bare that Republicans and Right-Wingers have no principles other than winning and hatred for the Other. And to feed that hatred they will jettison everything they claim to hold dear.

Jerry Critter said...

I've always said, if you want to know what the republicans are doing, just listen to what they are accusing the democrats of doing.

Jerry Critter said...

This is a sad time for the United States, in that so many of our citizens have completely gone off the rails.