Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Good For Donald Trump!!!

Yes, we finally see the national breakout of the inevitable reinterpretation of every event, no matter how humiliating for the Republicans, as good for them.

The day's speeches have only been over for a half an hour, and here we get Chuck Todd and Nicole Wallace explaining how Ted Cruz's unbelievable non-endorsement of Trump is actually Good For Trump!  He united the audience behind Trump!  I can't think of a single incident in my lifetime where a speaker at a national convention didn't endorse the candidate. This is a colossal affront.

The audience elected him as their standard bearer just two days ago, but were apparently not united behind Trump.  Now, the Republicans are united behind Trump!  Let the games begin, because it is now a new day!  It's all good for Trump, from here on out!!!

God, I would have thought that the press having made total asses of themselves reinterpreting everything in 2008 as good for McCain, until the phrase became a joke, would have given them pause about starting up with the same idiotic line again.  But they will, apparently, never change, because they get paid not to.

There is never going to be a single second where the corporate press confronts the fact that the election of Trump will literally be the worst political disaster in the world since Hitler wormed his way into controlling the German government.  And never let yourself forget- Hitler was not in possession of four thousand nuclear weapons. This is an obvious fact, but it means nothing to them.  A gigantic depression that makes the last one look like a picnic, and a world war that will make the last one of those look like a walk in the park too- that is what they are risking, but they just don't care.  Talk about sedition or treason- what has any spy ever done that risked more damage to our country than that being done in full view of the world by the Republican party and the corporate press?

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