Saturday, June 11, 2016

Your Republican Candidate

He loves America, he sure does!
Man, how long can this go on?


Well, maybe some people are getting it.  Here's a Trump rally in Richmond VA yesterday (photo courtesy of Little Green Footballs) where hardly anyone showed up:
Of course, with the cameras focused solely on the stage, and the people carefully placed behind the stage, Trump spent a couple of minutes raving about how great the crowd was.  Lying right in the faces of his supporters, and no one cared.  Well, I first heard about this on MSNBC, so I guess his behavior has gotten so ludicrous that even the Republican owned press figures they can make more money mocking him than supporting him.

Well, we will just have to see whether they retain the minimal scruples they seem to have discovered, in a few months, as the prospect of another four years of Demon-crats in the White House starts to sink in.


Magpie said...

Loves 'America', he just hates so many Americans.

"how long can this go on?"

Beats me. A long time ago I called it. But every other day I have to repeat it to scared people who think 'President Trump' is anywhere from possible to certain.
Won't happen.

News breaking about Orlando shooting... I'm very sorry.

Green Eagle said...

We're all very sorry, but we're stuck with it here in The Greatest Country On Earth. I'm sure there was never a Muslim terror attack in history that made American Christians so happy.

Anonymous said...

We took a trip out of London to the Lake District for a few days this past week. I would say that in the four days up 'North' as soon as we were recognized as Americans the locals found a way to ask what the heck was the deal with Trump.

We just shook our heads and stated we had no idea what the heck was going on in the states. One person went so far as to state that it was important, not just for America but for the world as a whole, that Trump not become President. No one we met was someone who could be said to like the idea of a 'President Trump'.