Monday, June 27, 2016

A Quick Note About the Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Here's an aspect of this which has not received any attention yet, but I think is the most important part of the whole thing:  This law does not only presage well for reproductive rights in other States; it sticks a knife in the heart of the whole Republican scam of claiming they are passing laws for good reasons, when in fact they are doing it for electoral advantage or to pander to their base, which is basically the same thing.  If the Supreme Court, without the malignant presence of the intellectual bully Antonin Scalia, can finally face the fact that this law was passed on an entirely dishonest basis, perhaps at last they are free to recognize the wholly unacceptable grounds on which Republicans really want these laws.  This goes all the way from voter suppression to "Citizens United" type corporate pandering.

And it makes all the more stark the choices we face this fall.  A Democratic President and Congress could set the country back on the path of working for the people; a Republican President and Congress, particularly if that President is Donald Trump, will be a fatal blow to the existence of the United States.

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