Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nothing But a Crook

Well, here is what we know today that some of us apparently couldn't have guessed a couple of days ago:

"Trump University" was nothing but a confidence racket, preying on the unsophisticated who were ignorant of life to the point where they actually thought a rich guy would teach them the tricks that he uses to make money.  Unfortunately, getting them to pay him for nothing was the trick.

Trump is nothing but a large scale thief, as shown by the fact that he apparently raised $4.7 million dollars for "veterans," but never paid a penny of it out, until he was caught trying to keep the money.

The guy is a criminal, but do you think that is going to erode his support one bit?  I doubt it, because his people don't give a damn.  They are for whoever will stoke their anger and greed, and for all we know they may admire him all the more for the way he has made his money. After all, what good is it being a bully if you don't have any victims?

Before being done with this, I want to point out the similarity between Trump and the Republicans' last Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney:

1. Both were born rich

2. Both made their money (besides what they got from daddy) by plundering companies and then letting them go bankrupt, in Romney's case costing the jobs of tens of thousands, in Trump's case costing jobs too, but mainly leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab.

3.  Both have convinced themselves that the combination of inherited wealth and a complete indifference to how they increase that wealth, constitutes some sort of moral superiority; and by repeating that claim over and over again, they have gotten tens of millions of people to buy into it.

4.  Both claim to be champions of average Americans (as all Republicans do) while in fact being corporate vampires who will suck anyone's blood dry for a quick profit.

Trump, in stealing veterans' money and conning people into believing he will teach them his secrets for a fee, goes far beyond what even Romney is willing to do in public; Romney was willing to destroy lives en masse to enrich himself, but not in plain view.  But when Republicans tolerated the likes of Romney, they put themselves on a path to Trump, and to worse than Trump in the future.

Crook?  Who cares?  He tells them it's okay to hate and cheat and rob, and that's what they want to hear.  There is no turning people away from him, so we'd better hope there just aren't enough of them to put him in the White House.


Jerry Critter said...

Trump, just another republican crook running for president. Nothing new here!

Green Eagle said...

The only thing new, perhaps, is the brazenness with which they are willing to flaunt what they are really all about.