Friday, June 3, 2016

A Surprising Response? Maybe

Yesterday, I promised a full report on what I assumed would be a Conservative freakout over Hillary's masterful takedown of Donald Trump, and his pathetic response.  Sad to say, there is almost nothing to report.  Virtually without exception, the right wing blogs I follow have totally ignored the whole thing.

This is a sign of how damaging Hillary's attacks were; right wingers can do nothing but turn their backs on them and hope they will go away.

With Hillary revealing how much can be done to Trump with a single speech, my main fear now is that she could drive him out of the race before he is nominated, and allow the Republicans to pick a new candidate that they could promote as a reasonable alternative to Trump, as almost anyone would be.  She's made her point; I hope she can keep things at a low simmer until the Republicans are well and truly stuck with Trump.  At that point, take the gloves off; this guy is so vulnerable that it will be a mark of eternal shame that Republicans let him get this far.

And may I mention a post by Kerry Eleveld at Daily Kos with the following title:  "Hillary Clinton has already succeeded where Trump's Republican rivals failed"

You're in the bigs now, Donald.  How does it feel to watch your pitches hit over the fence?


Infidel753 said...

Based on the few comments I've seen by devoted Trumpanzees, they actually think Trump won the exchange. Whatever he does, they call it brilliant -- and if he'd done the opposite, they'd be calling that brilliant too. It's practically a cult now.

Jerry Critter said...

The silence is telling. After all, how can you refute what he said when they are direct quotes?

Magpie said...

There should be no surprise - Trump was always going to get waste by Hillary.

If he makes it to the election it's going to be popcorn night when his balloon pops, but next morning there will be white noise about how he was 'betrayed and robbed' by the fact that there are still people in their millions who will not vote for him. Then the cult will internalize that as THEY were betrayed and robbed, and sum result of the whole circus will have been to drive the stupid further around the bend.

Green Eagle said...

Well, since the German right really perfected the "stab in the back" move after World War I, it has proven useful to right wingers over and over again. You can hardly think that it won't be employed this time. After all, it's never their fault.