Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Off With His Head

Looking at the news today, I'm seeing endless stories about Republicans backing away from Trump as hard as they can.  How ironic is it that, after all those months of Republican primaries, of endless Republican debates, their choice for President could essentially be destroyed by one speech from Hillary Clinton, and one remark about a judge? Apparently, their collection of about a thousand potential candidates was not only not the big leagues, they didn't even know what the big leagues was.

Well, as I said a few days ago, my main fear now is that the Republicans are going to find a way to shove Trump overboard, and replace him with someone (read Paul Ryan) that they can pretend is actually sane.  In just a few days, and over the seemingly minor (compared, say, to controlling four thousand nuclear weapons) issue of his comments about this judge, this has become a real possibiliyy, if they can get away with it.

In fact, there is only one question.  Trump is a "counterpuncher," as he himself has pointed out.  Do you think he will let the Republicans steal this shiny new toy from him without doing everything he can to exact his revenge?  That would very possibly include a third party run, screaming (correctly) all the way that he had been cheated. He knows could never win, but he could easily draw enough votes to make it impossible for the Republicans to win with the reincarnation of George Washington.

And is there a single person out there that thinks this vindictive bully would not do something like that?

Personally, I want Trump to stay, because he really is the personification of the Republican party.  They need to live or die based on what they really are, not on some hastily scabbed together illusion strung around the neck of Paul Ryan or whomever.  They need to have to do this, not for their own benefit, but for the country's.  It is time to fight the battle between decency and the most despicable of human emotions, before this gets any more out of control.  If we keep giving the right a chance to run people with Trump's values, pretty soon a slicker one will come along, and then we can discover for ourselves how things went wrong in Germany in the 1930's.


Flying Junior said...

Trump wins the nomination. There is nothing that the repubs can do to stop it. They have neither the strength or willpower. It may as well be ordained by the Lord God herself. He stepped into a power vacuum and filled it up with an infinite ego and an irrepressible vanity. Hopefully, his head will explode.

Bright side. This is a necessary blood-letting. If the republican party had any conscience they never would have fielded a candidate in 2008. They need to fail big-time. They were unable to confess their sins. They were unable to repent. They need to take a big fall.

Kasich, Rubio, Fiorina, Christie and even the sicko maniac Cruz were the beginnings of a new republican party. The surviving remnant after the apocalypse. McCain and Romney were unrepentant, old-school paper dolls. Dinosaurs. We could have run Dennis Kucinich against those guys and taken the gold.

It would only be in vain to try to revive the hopes of a republican presidency now. They must be punished. They must do their time.

Green Eagle said...

Well, there is his head exploding spontaneously, and then there is his head being exploded for him. That's my wife's bet.

In any event, yes, they must pay the price, but they may just refuse to recognize how disastrous their behavior is for everyone- after all, that is what they have done for every Presidential candidate since at least Nixon. And things just degenerate more and more. God knows what will come next.