Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Green Eagle Gets Paranoid About Trump

If there's one thing that Green Eagle dearly loves, it's a good conspiracy theory, and here's one that he just thought up today.

Let's say that, oh, about a year ago, the rich sociopaths who really own the Republican party realized that the mob of monsters that they created to be their base had gone totally out of control and were going to nominate one of the crazies that have haunted the political aisles for years- probably Ted Cruz, whose administration, if he won, would almost undoubtedly precipitate a depression, which is very bad for business.  So, here's what they did:  they convinced one of their own, a multibillionaire who absurdly campaigns on the basis that he can't be bought by the other multibillionaires, totally ignoring the fact that nobody needs to buy him, because he is already one of them.  Well, this guy takes a big hunk of his own money and uses it as a loan to finance a campaign even bigger, more outrageous, more boastful, more angry and more filled with hatred than anything that the other candidates could possibly match.

So, he wins the primaries, and is coasting into the nomination.  What does he do now?  Nothing. Nothing but give a few more desultory speeches.  He doesn't assemble a campaign team, he doesn't try to raise money, he doesn't try to get the Republican bigwigs on board.  Why? because he knows that a pretext is going to be created for him to withdraw without totally humiliating himself.  Then, the whole pack of Republican crazies can be replaced at the convention by a creature wholly owned by the hyper-rich- Paul Ryan, perhaps, or maybe (curse the thought) even Jeb himself.  And Trump is in on the gag, confident that really rich people will tip a few chips into his pocket for his trouble.

Well, there you go.  Right now, a paranoid dream.  Let's see what has happened by a month from now.


gruaud said...

I am totally on board with that.

Kevin Robbins said...

It's only 25 days til the convention. Not that I'm counting. I'm also on pins and needles waiting to see what dregs of humanity will be chosen for running-mate.

KanaW said...

Sadly, I wouldn't place any bet against that scenario.
Which is both scary and sad. :(