Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Witch Hunt!

I found this to be an interesting article:

Newsmax:  10 Reasons Trump U Case Is a Political Witch-Hunt Against Donald

1. The politician spearheading the suit is campaigning off it

      That would be New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is apparently "campaigning off it" by daring to mention that he has a good case.

2. The law firm that brought the suit is a Clinton donor 

      That is, they paid Hillary to give a speech.  No actual donations to her campaign.  No one has to pay Trump to give a speech- the real problem is shutting him up- a trick the Republican party is desperately trying to master right now.

3. The Robbins law firm donated to Schneiderman

      According to the American Spectator, one of the most racist publications on the internet.

4. Schneiderman reportedly solicited Trump for campaign donations

      Again, according to the American Spectator.

5. The second law firm bringing the suit is headed by a Clinton donor

      Well, how dare they represent anyone if they are Clinton donors.

6. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of La Raza

      No, he is not.  And what if he was?

7. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is an Obama appointee

      Well, clearly, a judge appointed by a Democratic President can't preside over a trial of a      Republican.

8. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a Democratic donor

      See no. 7.

9. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is the son of immigrants

      Well, that's a good argument.  Where have we heard that one before?

10. These allegations arise many years after students left Trump U

      No they didn't- they have been in the works for years.

Well, what a load of crap.  But that is not really my point.  Did you notice that not one of these ten complaints addressed a single issue involving the case?  They are all nothing but personal attacks on the integrity of not just the judge, but everyone involved.  They actually go far beyond Trump's racist tirade, asserting that no Democrat or Democratic appointee has a right to try a Republican defendant, or to even file a complaint against him.  Well, we know this is how they think; it's just amusing to see them spell it out so clearly.


Unknown said...

You lost me at "NewsMax".

Green Eagle said...

Green Eagle reads them so you don't have to.